What use to be Renraku’s crown jewel in the Seattle skyline, the Self-Contained Industrial Residential Environment has definitely fallen on hard times. 320 floors tall, the Arcology shutdown back in December of 2059 with the AI Deus took control and started to experiment on the over one hundred thousand occupants trapped inside.

Truth of the event started to leak out over the Shadow network and the UCAS military moved in under the command of General Colleton. Blunting the AI’s efforts to break out of the hardwired Arcology, for 4 years they held the Arcology closed until the breakthrough and the AI disappeared. The UCAS government handed Renraku the bill for services rendered, and for the last seven years they have been arguing about who owes what to whom.

Now, with only a small section of the Metroplex guard holding the entrances closed to the public, the structure has become a haven of squatters and gangs who use the resources and tech for their own ends.

GM Note

While the Arcology is actually being used as a UCAS prison according to the 4th Edition timeline, the actual handover from Renraku to UCAS will happen in a few months time. Enough for a few runs into the darkened structure.


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