Downtown is the heart, soul, and brain of the Seattle Metroplex. Housing the seat of the Metroplex Government, as well as the Renraku Arcology and bustling SeaTac Airport. The UCAS Federal Government keeps all of their various departments in this district, as well as most offices of AAA and AA class Megacorporations.

Seattle’s downtown is a testimate to gridlock, even with advanced computers directing and routing traffic, during the day any cars are virtually at a standstill. Natives move along by foot on the raised and subterrainean walkways. During the day, tourists and natives all go to some of the sights, such as the Space Needle, the Aquarium, Pike Place Market, and even the Aztechnology Pyramid. Once night falls, the nightlife explodes as fashionistas and hipsters head to world famous clubs like Fractured Helix and Dante’s Inferno.

The Elven District within Downtown is mainly residential, created as a verdant contrast to the skyscrapers and urban squalor of the city. Today, however, expatriate Tir nobles keep the public masses away from their homes. Certain tourist areas do fine business, with paid actors offering their services as guides straight from some fantasy sim, and boutiques sell overpriced gifts that are labeled to be actual Tir goods from Elf and Dwarf artisans.

The International District is home to primarily those of Japanese decent with some Polynesians. Those of Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese ancestry prefer Little Asia in Tacoma. Younger Yakuza flash their tattoos and katana’s for the tourists, but street crime is relatively unknown.

The University District makes up the University of Seattle as well as bars, bookstores, and coffeehouses. The University has a reputation for high quality when it comes to Shamanic studies and Augmented Reality Engineering. Corporate recruiters scour the grounds looking for new talent, and many corps have research projects inside the campus, though anything with some promise is quickly relocated to more secure facilities.

All of the organized crime syndicates and quite a few gangs have business in downtown. While they get into tussles now and again, they usually keep it quiet and out-of-sight so they don’t scare away potential marks or give Lone Star a reason for increased scrutiny.


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