Dr. Bob Quickstitch


65+ years old.

Logic : 4
First Aid : 4 (Combat Wounds +2)
Medicine : 4 (Trauma Surgery +2)

Notable Items

Medkit (Rating 6)
Medicine Shop

Doctor Bob’s building counts as a Good location for Medicine and First Aid tests. The site also has 4 beds for extended stays/recovery.


Doctor Bob Quickstitch, Doctor Bob to everyone, is a rare but treasured item in the Shadows; a real doctor. Working in the area longer than anyone (including elves) can remember, he doesn’t take sides in any problem and fixes up anyone who can afford it. Organized crime, gangers, and even some Shadowrunners bring their injured chummers here to get fixed up. Reguardless of who they are, they get put back together with some snarky comments and while Doctor Bob has a cigarette dangling between his lips.

Doctor Bob does not make house calls. You either walk, limp, crawl, or get your chummers to drag you too him. Doctor Bob also does not install any cyberware or bioware. He does offer something more rare, however. Insurance. Pay him X nuyen a month, you’ll receive X times 1.25 in services if you have a need from him.

Doctor Bob’s guarantees secure parking and privacy.

Dr. Bob Quickstitch

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