Do we wish to be righteous again?

Let my people go 2

Oppressed so hard they could not stand...

After spending a few moments of rest within the Moterhead’s compound being looked at like the daily special, the team hopped aboard the ATV’s and started to head deeper into the Arcology. Several times while traveling through the massive structure, packs of ghouls started to chase the team, but modern vehicles far surpassed the running speed of a ghoul and they were soon left in the dark. Once the team was out of the parking levels, they made their way down to the main manufacturing facilities of the Arcology. Long stripped out of anything useful (And indeed, portable), the massive open levels provided a good bit of speed, and found that some of the walls occasionally where marked with rather crude drawings. Tazer was able to put together that the images were copies of magical drawings, possibly used as some sort of territory markings and placed there by someone who didn’t realize their true representation. Unfamiliar with the intricacies of the tradition in question, Tazer could only put together that it seemed to be some sort of request to spirits, but nothing more detailed than that.

Speeding down further into the building, they found a large barricade constructed and manned (Ghouled) by several individuals armed with an assortment of ill-kept pistols and the occasional sub-machine gun. The guards seemed to be a little perplexed at the idea that some humans were down here in the first place, and more that they wanted to go and meet with Graveyard. The team had learned from the Moterheads that the Sangre had a trade area and after bringing that up the guards were reluctant, but willing to let them pass if they agreed to the rules of the trade area. Namely, no guns. Corn was indignant and wanted to know if that meant he would have to leave his weapons behind, which the guard laughed and told him only if they wanted them to get stolen. The ‘No Gun’ policy was enforced in the trade zone alone and they could wait outside of it if they didn’t trust the Ghouls. The barricade was then pushed out of the way and they were allowed to pass by. Once inside the Sangre territory, there were more signs of intelligent Ghouls that could keep their feral brethren in check so their trip was easier, if a little unnerving.

Finding the trade zone as a shanty town where scraps that people scavenged could be bartered and traded for necessity; Tazer, Pharaoh and Spanky decided to remove their weapons and drag one of the corpses as an offering to Graveyard for an offering to arrange a meeting. Finding a large pavilion in the middle of the area which was well guarded, the team walked up (Garnering quite a few confused looks at the time) and said they’d offer the body for a meeting with Graveyard. The guard in question asked if the team was use to carrying around corpses, but said that he would take their message and offering to her. When the insinuation arose that what proof did they have that the guard just wasn’t going to carry the gift off for quite a meal, he responded immediately that you never stole from Graveyard. She removes the tongue of anyone who previously did. However, the team shouldn’t expect that the audience would happen immediately. Without anywhere else to go, the team hung around for a little over two hours before being allowed inside.

The pavilion was stocked full of male ghouls with strange depressions in their necks standing guard around a female ghoul lounged out on some assembled throne who gazed over the team. Demanding to know why these people have come into her territory, Tazer began to explain to her of the impending UCAS invasion of the military upon the hand off, and Graveyard asked for any sort of proof of this event. Coming up a bit blank on physical proof, Graveyard seemed to dismiss them at that point but agreed to consider their proposition if they would do a favor for her. Just one of them would be just fine.

  • Postmortum, the leader of the largest Ghoul Pack, needed to die. Then his pack would join hers with a minimum of effort.
  • If the group wasn’t willing to murder on her behalf, then obtaining some of his blood, or even a bit of skin would be sufficient.
  • In the deepest level of the Arcology, a squatter has taken up residence. He is most troublesome and he must be killed and she personally wanted to eat his eyes.

After being given the list of favors to do, the group was dismissed and shown out another way out. Walking right past a handful of Ghouls devouring the corpse they happened to bring. Tazer noted one of them was actually appreciative, noting that the corpses they traded for Postmortum always tasted funny. Pharaoh was able to note that there was several wireless signals, the first he’s detected since he’s been inside the Arcology, were littered around the pavilion. Someone had apparently bugged this place quite heavily. Pharaoh tried to detect where the signals were going, but the person was well practiced in concealing their tracks and stymied the discovery. After sniffing the traffic, he found that it was encrypted in basic military standards. A heavy encryption that would take several hours for his first attempt to decode it, and time was the issue at hand. Given free passage to go further down in the territory, the team met up with Corn who was guarding the goods and drove through to go further down looking for Postmortum’s levels.

Leaving the Sangre territory, the team made it down to level B13, and long before they even reached the path, Spanky was nearly overcome with the rotting stench rolling up from the lower level. Tazer and Pharaoh caught it moments after and Corn was blissfully unaware until nearly too late. The level they were about to enter was one of the larger Aquaculture levels. Countless vats for growing fish and mussels where grown down here for consumption and export, but after the shutdown, they’ve been unattended and rotting. Several vats have lost structural integrity and emptied their contents and coated the floor in its rotting ichor. Some searching found a way up to catwalks that extended the entire length of the floor, and the ATV’s were able to get up and avoid the mess below. It was tough to find their way around, but Spanky was the only one to notice the colored grids on the walkways to lead the party through. As they passed a stack of crates and wondered why they hadn’t been taken up from scavengers, they approached a second stack when both tumbled down, blocking the walkway and trapping them between as two hordes of feral ghouls charged the team.

Tazer used her newest spell to erect a glowing wall of energy to the front of the team and Pharaoh hopped virtually into the drone and aimed the LMG toward the arcane wall in case it was breached. Corn started the encounter with a fragmentation grenade thrown right in front of the horde, timing it near perfectly so when the horde rushed up it exploded among them. Then, letting loose with his own LMG, Corn suppressed the area which, when the ‘Area’ is constricted to a 4 meter walkway, proved horrifically devastating in combination with the grenade. Spanky took his time with his SMG and picked off the occasional target. From the front side, the horde reached closer when a grenade arced from the mob, but unfortunately bounced right off the side of the walkway and fell with a soft ‘plop’ into the filth beneath them. Once some more time passed, a cloud of smoke erupted from the fallen grenade, but caused no issues.

Corn enjoyed himself greatly, cutting down ghoul after ghoul and once the forward group came closer. Tazer ended the threat ahead of them with dual overcast Stunballs, but not without some cost as she took some physical damage from the drain. Pharaoh noted with his radar that from the now unconscious horde that one ghoul was nearly 30 meters back. Calling to Corn for a grenade, the ghoul started running full speed away as another fragmentation grenade landed at his feet. Avoiding the explosion, Tazer dropped the glowing wall as Pharaoh suppressed the single ghoul, knocking him down to the walkway. Spanky wasn’t able to keep up with the raw death laid out by the suppression fire as one ghoul happened to get its claws into Corn, but his armor was far too hardy for any damage and it didn’t survive a second round. Tazer and Pharaoh headed down to the collapsed ghoul who was valiantly trying to drag himself away, before being more than willing to talk as several guns were pointed toward it; while Spanky and Corn pulled out the monofiliment chainsaw and used the background noise of decapitating the unconscious ghouls. The ghoul said he was part of Postmortum’s pack, and could lead them down to where he was, which is where we left off.



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