Do we wish to be righteous again?

Eyewitness pt. 3

As the team sped away from the corporate enclave, one named and unconscious guest in tow, Pharaoh put in a call to his Fixer to try and find a place to hold up. As the team was in the Western part of Tacoma, they headed south toward Puyallup and was able to make arrangements for a place with non-nosey neighbors for a few hours for 500 nuyen. Binding the passenger up with plastic restraints, they dragged him inside the temporarily rented house and Tazer began to interrogate the subject, due to her having the highest Charisma score, albeit untrained when it came to interrogations. Even with the penalties from being near death, ‘Dutch’ was able to resist talking and kept repeating his name, rank and employee number. Spanky and Corn, the ‘Bad Runners’ compared to Tazer’s ‘Good Runner’ persona, grew tired of not getting anywhere and decided to show their displeasure while Pharaoh kept overwatch around the building with his drones. Spanky tried to kick ‘Dutch’ who rolled as best he could with his penalties. Corn decided to take the direct approach and pulled out his heavy pistol and shot ‘Dutch’ in the foot, which while even though the damage was light, it caused ‘Dutch’ to fall into shock and began to die. Stabilizing him with a quick First Aid roll, the team decided to have a discussion of what to do next.

Assuming that ‘Dutch’ had no real information to give to the group, the team decided it was just best to cut their losses. Loading the unconscious form into the truck, they drove for a little while before depositing it into an alley. Corn decided to just make it quick and shot ‘Dutch’ in the head before they went back to their home. As Tazer tried to get a bit of rest, Corn spent a few hours removing the security lockouts from both the shotgun and SMG, while Pharaoh started to research the Hammond Necroplex. Almost 20 years old, the Necroplex was one of the first of its kind, doing well for a while until larger facilities started to take its market share away. With Tazer’s help, they were able to find that the Necroplex seemed to be on the verge of insolvency until about eight months ago, when they started showing decent growth and profits. Filing that bit of information under the heading of ‘Interesting’, they decided to make an in-person visit.

The necroplex is a large pyramid, about 4 stories high, painted gray and slightly imposing over the smaller buildings that made up the local area. As they pulled up to the location, they found that the parking lot was nearly empty, save for two guards wandering around the property. Quickly coming up with a cover story, Pharaoh and Tazer moved to go inside while Corn and Spanky stayed behind in case of trouble. Once inside the building, Tazer felt a rush of power, as the building appeared to be constructed and focusing Shamanic energy, and they received the attention of four security guards gathered right near the front entrance. The guards, however, quieted down and moved aside as they walked through the foyer. Pharaoh brought up the AR directory and found that Griffin Moore was entombed on the second floor, which caught them both by surprised as the obituaries listed him as cremated. Moving through the building easily, as aside from the four security guards they seemed to be the only ones present. Gas light lamps illuminated engraved name plates of who was in each of the tombs (No larger than coffins for most people), and Pharaoh decided to use his Radar built into his arm to see what was behind the stone cover.

What he found, was nothing. Oh he got very accurate measurements of the space behind the stone, but there was no body inside. In fact, most of the tombs were empty if the death dates were in the last eight months and (With quick research rolls Pharaoh discovered) the departed did not have local family. With that, the duo decided to leave as Pharaoh was going to try and slowly hack the Necroplex’s systems, but he wanted to be at the team’s base for that. Returning home, Pharaoh started a slow probing hack against the Necroplex and found that it wasn’t particularly well defended electronically. Prolonged shortfalls financially has let their systems fall behind the technology curve and after a few hours Pharaoh was inside with an Admin level account. Bringing up the personnel files, Pharaoh quickly discovered that since the accident three and a half weeks ago, most people employed by the Necroplex had given their resignations. Also, the guards on site appeared to be the only ones who accepted coming in, but at a double hazard pay rate. While he was looking into that, a second node connected to the main system sent a message out to the Matrix. Pharaoh quickly loaded up some new programs and tried to intercept the message, and found that someone on the fourth floor was trying to order some Thai food. It turns out that the someone in question was Sebastian Hammond, current CEO of the Hammond Necroplex. With a quick Edit, the delivery order became a pickup order, which would be ready in just enough time for the team to get down to the restaurant. Piling into the SUV, the team grabbed the food (Bitching that they had to pay for it when they picked it up…) and headed back to the Necroplex. Four security guards, all waiting outside, pretty much let Tazer and Corn move inside for the food delivery. Once inside, they found that they were the only ones there; as no guard was willing to stay inside the building at night. Heading up to the executive offices on the fourth floor and knocking on an office door, a very haggard looking Sebastian Hammond answered the door, paying for the delivery (With a nice tip) and brushed off Corn’s offer of help with a comment of not needed the help of a kitchen dishwasher. Pharaoh took the moment to log into the Necroplex and create a fake looking notice that a pair of ‘Exterminator Specialists’ were coming to the site, and to let them inside. Spanky and Pharaoh then loaded up on the heavy weapons and started to walk inside, as they were stopped by security. Carrying around Corn’s LMG will do that. It took a few moments for Security to find the specific order, but kept telling the two of them that whatever they were getting paid for this job, it wasn’t worth it. Something big was in there and it kept killing people inside. Pharaoh assured the security guard that yes, he really was getting paid enough and the two of them went inside. Spanky immediate regretted it, due to his magical nature as a Physical Adept was contrary to the buildings Shamanic focus, and he lost some of his mystic abilities while inside.

Tazer’s approach of using the knowledge of the missing bodies got them both inside the office, and as soon as Tazer entered she lost the connection to the enhanced magic of the place. Hammond, apparently trapped in his own office for the past three and a half weeks told them everything. The company who had offered the financial assistance to the Necroplex was Berkeley Management. For said assistance, they wanted corpses dropped off in a nearby sewer twice a week. The arrangement worked fine until the time of the ‘Accident’ three and a half weeks ago when “Something” appeared and started killing anyone in its way. Sebastian retreated to his office and has been there ever since, each time he’s tried to leave the ‘Thing’ has tried to get him. Tazer quietly put together that the “Something” was likely the spirit of the Necroplex, and tried to call to it to hear its side of the story. While most summonings are quick, this time Tazer felt compelled to leave the office and move down to a more centralized location as the team followed her with guns at the ready. Back down on the second floor, a large man. Eight foot tall and thin as a reed stepped out of the darkness. Dressed as a 1950’s mortician, it introduced itself as GrimGallows and wished to know why Tazer had called it. Tazer wished to know why it attacked the people here and GrimGallows told her that the people it had killed had defiled its children. Because of that, he had taken his revenge upon the defilers save for one which it wished to resolve. GrimGallows wanted Sebastian Hammond’s blood. Tazer gave a very convincing speech that GrimGallows should allow Sebastian to atone for his actions by retrieving the remains of its children from the sewers. GrimGallows was moved but it seemed quite specifically focused on atonement would only be bought with blood, it didn’t specifically say if Hammond would be attacked if he try to retrieve the remains. Returning to the CEO’s office, Hammond was not willing to leave his office to wander around in the Seattle sewers. He did offer the team 7,500 nuyen up front, with 15,000 to follow if they were to retrieve the remains and pacify the spirit. Assuming they were going to be facing a ghoul nest, the team wasn’t willing to go for that little, so they left Hammond in his office. As Tazer turned, she found that GrimGallows has followed them up to the office itself, but had not entered. When Tazer asked if the spirit would be willing to show her where the bodies had been dumped into the sewer, it said it would do so before it disappeared. The team then discussed the likelihood of Griffen Moore’s other cybereye being down in the ghoul nest. Willing to go in for the job, but hopefully with a raise due to the nature of the job changing, Pharaoh sent off a message to Alpha Blue while the team went home to dress for war which is where we ended the night.



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