Do we wish to be righteous again?

Community Cleanup 2

Fire cleanses, right?

Once settled in with the bomb in the storage warehouse, Tazer decided to return to the team’s SUV to search the location Astral again. Finding nothing in the first two buildings, she made the discovery of something active guarded by half a dozen men guarding it. Returning to the SUV and informing the team of her discovery. Corn and Spanky armed up and headed over to scope out the opposition.

Even though it was late, the warehouse had a few people standing around separate storage sites. Most of them with eyes in AR or talking amongst themselves, but the six guarding the awakened material seemed like solid professionals. The moment Corn and Spanky walked in, two of the six immediately had eyes on them and kept watching until they walked out of sight. Sending an automated request to have the team’s bomb moved from the other warehouse to the one with the drugs, Pharaoh took some time to hack the warehouse system which arranged the moves of the bomb to be removed from the system’s log.

The team hung around long enough to make sure that the drug runners weren’t going to move the goods before the detonation time, the started to roll out the moment of the explosion. What they didn’t expect was the secondary and tertiary explosions that followed up almost immediately afterward. Multiple people were storing fuel oil in that location for the boats which docked and transported goods further up Puget Sound. Good to their words, as they set the detonation for 2:27 AM the emergency services didn’t show up immediately, causing more than enough time for the warehouse to burn to the ground, consuming all of the drugs.

Three days after the explosion, the team received their funds as they watched the local news reports. Seems that multiple explosions happened at 2:27 AM and the news media was having a field day believing it was an act of terrorism. The UCAS FBI and Lone Star both denied such rumors. This, however, was the final nail in Lone Star’s coffin as the Seattle Metroplex signed Knight Errant to be the city’s security force. It was going to be a merry new year for the Ares corporation.



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