Do we wish to be righteous again?

Community Cleanup

For a certain value of clean

The Seattle streets slowly started to fill with snow as December made itself known, the team had gone on a minor shopping trip. Tazer had picked up a few new ID’s, put in an order for a new Foci and spell formula and Corn had picked up a Drone Chair for either Tazer or Pharaoh when they went Astral or VR respectively (Plenty of comments were made about Shadowrunners looking like the humans in WALL-E). The Christmas season and AR spam of sales from anywhere they looked were lost on them as they were called by their landlord, Anthony Corolla.

After making a few comments about the rent, he asked if the team would be interested in a little work. Always on the lookout for more money, the team agreed and Anthony said that they could meet the Johnsons tonight in the hottest club in Seattle, The Prism. Dress to impress and don’t be silly enough to try and bring a weapon into the club. This chafed at Corn, but he finally relented to go in unarmed. Before hanging up, Anthony gave a warning not to do anything to antagonize any of the Johnsons. Mentioning that they were walking into a powder keg and it would be for the best to not do anything to set it off.

Tazer and Corn dressed up while Pharaoh and Spanky decided to stay in the car, they headed to downtown where they found the Prism in full swing. Limousines lined the entryway as spotlights lit up the cloudy night. A long line of people braved the cold for a chance to see the Whos Who and Glitterati of Seattle. Deciding not to press their luck, Tazer and Corn exited the SUV and simply walked up to the front of the line. Corn was able to pick out a few Simsense actors as well as lower league sports stars waiting out in the snow, while Tazer surprised the Orc bouncer (Dressed in quite an expensive tuxedo) by actually being on the list. The two were waved through and into the club proper.

While the lesser denizens of Seattle waited behind velvet ropes, the inside held the cream of the crop. Simsense stars and nationally famous athletes danced the night away with the beautiful and the rich. The team knew they were out of their financial league when Corn wanted to get a water with slice of lemon, and was presented with a credit application. Tazer was able to pick out a group that looked fairly out of place near a set of stairs to some private rooms while Corn found the name of the club had a hidden quality. While switching through the modes on his cybereyes, he found that each different wavelength of light held a different set of AR entertainments. Unable to focus in on it, Tazer had moved over to the obvious guards who were set on giving each of the two a full pat down while someone standing a bit away watched a hand held scanner intently. Once assured that neither one of them were carrying any weapons, they were let up the stairs only to find another group of muscle who had two people watching scanners and another pat down waiting for them.

Once inside the private room, the duo found that three people were inside waiting for them, a human women dressed completely in white, a human male of oriental descent dressed in white with a black silk undershirt, and a male ork dressed to the nines with nanotattoos peeking out from his cuffs and collar. Pharaoh started to search the Matrix to see if there were any hits on any of their faces while the Ork was the most personable of the three, offering drinks to anyone and Corn took him up on some bourbon. Finding the quality of alcohol to be comparable to what he had stolen off the yacht in the Dreamchipper run, Corn settled in as the woman (Who Pharaoh had found was a fairly respected Mafia hitwoman working for the Finnagan family) asked if either of them knew what the drug she placed in front of them was. Coming up empty, she filled them in.

The drug was called ‘Tempo’; a new bioengineered awakened drug, it was very popular and coming into Seattle by the truckload. The trio had discovered that a shipment would be at a local warehouse in three days time before being split up and shipped out. They wanted the team to destroy the shipment, preferably noisily. Unfortunately, the trio didn’t have a great deal of information. The warehouse turned out to be a corporate grouping of six warehouses with dock access. They didn’t know how it was arriving, nor how it was going to be guarded. They seemed sure on the time frame though, and assumed that whatever group was bringing the drugs into the warehouse would be heavily armed, so it should be easy for the team to figure out which one held the shipment. Agreeing to a price of 20,000 nuyen for the run, the trio said the payment was small, but the bribes in place to make sure that an explosion didn’t get investigated to thoroughly was rather expensive. And, if they were going to use an explosion, to detonate it precisely at 2:27 AM to avoid unnecessary hardships. With that, the trio offered them a small line of credit downstairs if they wished to enjoy themselves, but Tazer declined and immediately got to work.

Pulling the boat the team had purchased in Favor Repayment out of storage and planned a day cruise in the Puget Sound, outside of the shipping lanes but close enough for the Vision Magnification most of the team had on their eyes or AR Glasses to be able to observe the warehouses in question. Four warehouses faced the water and two seemed particularly busy. No goods that entered either of them stayed for longer than twenty minutes. The other two facing the water seemed active, but goods that were dropped off in either of those seemed to be more along the lines of storage. At night, the two busy warehouses seemed to shut down but the complex remained active, with trucks coming and going all through the night. Tazer took the opportunity to astrally project and search through all of the warehouses looking for anything astrally active like the drug. Coming up empty, she returned to the boat and informed the group that the drugs didn’t appear to be at the warehouse yet. Discussing their options, they decided to leave the warehouse for now and get the equipment needed to complete the mission, as they still had two days to find the drugs, but if they showed up at the last minute the group wouldn’t be prepared to take them out.

Checking the warehouse’s business, the team found that rental space was available to anyone in any size, shape and time frame required. Pharaoh rented out a small spot in one of the warehouses off of the water and both he and Corn went to check the place out. The inside of the warehouse was made up of individual areas constructed out of chain link fencing with a MagLock protecting the entrances. Corn used his demolitions skill to easily deduce that the structure was just too large for explosives to take it out sufficiently, but making a firebomb would likely destroy any of the goods as long as Pharaoh could disable the fire system, which seemed to be an inert gas dispenser. Locating a section of the warehouse that wasn’t just chain link, Pharaoh gathered that the inert gas canisters were likely inside the building, possibly along with the fire suppression system itself. Filing those bits of info away, the team contacted a refinery in Tacoma and ordered four 55 gallon drums of fuel to be delivered to their spot in the warehouse while Corn re-constructed the bomb he disarmed and took with him from the [[Eyewitness pt. 1 | Eyewitness]] run. Spanky then came up with the idea to rent three more locations, each in the other warehouses, to easily move the firebomb to whichever warehouse the drugs would show up, which was quickly accomplished. At that point, with the preparations complete, we ended there for the night to give ourselves a full evening in case of a large combat with the drug runners.



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