Do we wish to be righteous again?

Let my people go 3
Tell oh Pharaoh...

The only surviving ghoul from the attack on the walkway was more than willing to be helpful and friendly to the team, desperately hoping to survive the encounter with the several weapons pointing at him. Learning that it was part of Postmortum’s pack and only following the pack of feral ghouls since they were hunting something down, but he decided to flee after the heavy weapons started flying. Unable to outrun a bullet, he was willing to lead them down to Postmortum’s meeting place, so the team broke out the zip ties and a nickname (“I’m going to call him Skippy!”), before following the directions and heading further down in the structure.

The pack seemed to have well earned its name as the largest group of ghouls in the structure, as the team rode past several more ghouls than they’ve seen thus far. Some of the ferals gave chase, but most of them stayed away as the team passed by. Heading through a large area that was used long ago as cold storage, the team found themselves in what looked like an office block as Skippy’s directions became much more involved. Finally, the stopped next to a single office which Skippy assured them was how Postmortum spoke to them. Inside the building was a desk with an old video screen located on top. Tazer and Pharaoh stepped inside as Spanky, Corn, and Pharaoh’s drone held guard outside. A few moments later, a ghoul stepped into the screen wearing a heavily stained doctors coat, and probably most interesting the particular ghoul had a pair of cybereyes that were solid green in color. No detectable pupil or iris at all. Looking at both of the runners for a while, Postmortum started questioning why they were here and after hearing about the UCAS military’s impending invasion, the ghoul leader was willing to discuss evacuation, but he would, of course, need the team to do a favor for him. Any one of the favors would be just fine.

  • - Grinder, leader of the Moterhead pack, needed to die.
  • - Two levels below was a hospital that had several drones guarding it. Supplies from the hospital would be very useful in the evacuation.
  • - There was a squatter in the reactor levels that had an irritating habit of setting traps, removing him would prevent his pack from being attacked or harmed on the way out.

Discussing between themselves, the group pondered just slaughtering all of the leaders and rounding up the ghouls themselves, but the idea that the drones in the hospital may be the same ones that the Moterheads are looking for, they might be able to kill two birds with one stone. As well as they’d be closer to the squatter and might be able to reach him before time ran out. Postmortum offered to allow one of the ghouls escort the group to a bank of freight elevators that still was functioning and would get them down to the hospital, which the team accepted. Unfortunately for Skippy, he was the closest ghoul since the team didn’t let him go yet, he was elected by Postmortum to be their guide a little longer. The team did let Skippy go after piling into the freight elevator, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the elevators appeared to reach all the way back to the ground floor. Unfortunately, the only buttons that worked were B18, B19 and B20. Pressing the lowest level, the car juttered and shook all the way down.

As the doors opened, the team found themselves in a reception area decorated in both recent and aged carnage. Several bodies of ghouls were ripped apart and strewn all over the area, most of them in several pieces. Slowly sweeping the area, looking for any of these possible drones, Pharaoh headed into the reception area and looked to see if he could find anything on any computer systems. Splicing together some cables for a connection, his work was for naught as whatever the wires lead too had been removed or destroyed. After declaring the room was clear, they started to investigate and found that most of the bodies were laying in a particular path, and after Corn set a few explosive booby traps behind them, the team pressed forward, stymied by the Japanese signage that no one could read or speak. The trail of bodies led to a large room that reminded the team of a coffin motel, with several small doors set into large storage groups. After playing with a display panel, Spanky managed to turn on one and Pharaoh’s medical knowledge showed him that it was a biometric display for an occupant that was cyrogenically frozen. Realizing that these were the ‘supplies’ that Postmortum was talking about, most of the team, save for Spanky, were surprised as they were attacked from above.

A drone that looked like some bizarre cybernetic tiger dove from the top of one of the storage banks at Corn, who managed to avoid its claws by a hair’s width landed on the ground as its claws dug gouges out of the ferrocrete beneath it. Spanky, being the only one not surprised, fired a pair of bursts into the beast which, while damaging, didn’t seem to slow it down all that much. Two more of the drones joined the fray, attacking both Pharaoh and Spanky respectively. Pharaoh was forced to dive out of the way of the beast’s claws while Spanky didn’t have as much trouble avoiding the drone before putting two bursts from his SMG into the beast attacking him. Corn un-slung his LMG and placed a large burst into the very first drone which sent it to the ground in pieces before turning to fire on the drone attacking Pharaoh, damaging it but not enough to pull it away from the Hacker as an explosion sounded from further back in the hospital, signs that more drones were likely coming. Tazer threw a lightning bolt at the drone attacking Pharaoh, but it unfortunately exploded on the drone’s armor with no apparent effect. The two drones tried to attack once more, but coming up short as Pharaoh kept rolling away from the beast and Spanky just made it look easy dodging the claws. A second, and final explosion sounded from the hallway the team had come down as the last of the booby traps were triggered. Spanky finished off the drone attacking him with two paired bursts that the rest of the team would swear entered the same original bullet holes he created while Corn pasted the drone on Pharaoh with a long and short burst from his LMG. A momentary breather is all they had before a new drone raced in from the opposite direction, collapsing its back legs and using its powerful hydraulics to launch itself at Corn. Surprised by he attack, the claws of the drone ripped through the kevlar and shattered the ceramic plates in his armor, digging deep into his chest and driving him prone to the ground. Savaging the downed target, the drone continued to rip into Corn who mercifully fell unconscious while a drone that was on the receiving end of two booby traps staggered into the doorway that the team had used. Pharaoh took advantage of not being attacked and jumped into his own drone, and opening up with his own LMG on full auto into the drone savaging Corn and blowing it to Silicon Heaven while Spanky put the final droid out of its misery with a single burst.

Pharaoh broke out the first aid kit and was able to stabilize Corn and bring him back to consciousness, before Tazer moved in and used her Heal spell to bring him relatively back to fighting form at the expense of additional penalties due to drain. While saving their comrade, a speaker crackled to life in the room:

“You may have think you’ve beaten me, but I have much more drones! Many more traps! You will not reach me…” That horrible Russian accent, it had to be the nameless technomancer from oh so long ago. Calling out to him of both the fiber optic job and Corn’s gun purchase, the technomancer was incredulous that the team was here. Offering them a truce to come down to the reactor level to visit him, they were only too happy to accept. Moving back to the elevators, the B21 button was functional and the car once again shuddered and creaked all the way down to the bottom. Once down at the bottom, the team stepped out into an area that seemed well kept and hardly touched by the several years of neglect and abandonment. It doesn’t appear that anyone was able to scavenge this area for parts or equipment. From further down the hall, a door opened a bit and a head wearing a fuzzy hat peeked out, before throwing the door open in genuine delight as the little man welcomed them, offering them a bottle of whiskey. The technomancer who went by the handle ‘Lebdev’, seemed starved from human contact and was overjoyed to have someone not looking to kill him to talk too, not to mention he looked as if he was wasting away. The team asked him why he was here, and he happily said this was likely the safest place in Seattle. Informing him about the impending UCAS takeover seemed to deflate what little joy he had in him, asking the team to follow him into the control room, which had been made into low quality living quarters.

He started to talk to the team of his purpose. Lebdev is sure that the Matrix is some sort of magic, and as such he has been studying magical theory as well as tracing the correlations between Magic and the Matrix, and in the end knew he could have his answer with one last experiment. With the wave of his hand, the blast shields to the reactor opened to show a massive cocoon of fiber optic cable, about fifteen meters long and nearly as wide. One day, when the egg hatches, he will have his answer. But it is not going to hatch anytime soon, and so he had a favor to ask of the team. Help him move his experiment and use one of the barges to get away, and he’ll allow the team to use a few Deus drones to fulfill the Moterhead request and owe them a favor in future. Realizing that it would fulfill two groups demands, the wondered about Graveyard and the Sangre until Lebdev spoke up that she was a very bad woman. She wanted the reactor level so she could cause a meltdown of all three reactors and irradiate most of Seattle. Pharaoh guessed right in that the bugs in her Pavilion were his, and the team decided to forget about saving her, since if they were down a barge anyway they likely couldn’t get all of them out anyway.

The next several hours were busy with coordinating the evacuation between both the Moterheads and Postmortum’s pack and moving the fiber optic cocoon to a portable power source and hauling it up to the outflow pipes. As a final touch, Lebdev and Pharaoh spent some time screwing with the reactor’s controls, making anyone who was looking to use them have a very difficult time. Letting Lebdev leave first, he gave Pharaoh a drop box and asked him to leave a Chinese food order to get in contact with him and wished the team well. They shared the same and the funny little Russian was off into the Puget Sound. While the second barge was being loaded, the sound of a helicopter grew as a UCAS assault helicopter came down and started questioned the barges. Thankfully, the answers given seemed to be good enough as while the chopper stayed around for longer than was comfortable, it eventually did leave the area and loading was continued until only the team remained. As they only had about thirty minutes to spare, Pharaoh called for the boat and the team left in all haste, but not before he made a call to Redline, the rigger they hired from the Dreamchipper adventure.

“Hoi chummer, looking for a good deal on a used boat?” and with that, they headed into the sound to meet their smuggler to get them to Denver.


The ghoul packs smuggled out of the Arcology traveled down to Tacoma, and from there were smuggled out to the Puyallup Barrens. Forced to maintain strong ties to Shepard who provided for their needs, they mostly confined themselves to the sewers, displacing most of the squatters and a few of the smaller gangs. Puyallup becomes much more dangerous at night, as Tamanous moves in and increases their operations. Ghoul hunting receives a brief upswing in popularity, but is quickly stamped out as Clean Steve resumes his activities of finding and crucifying any Ghoul-hunters.

The CEO Alan Shepard, having nearly put a million nuyen into this run, is rather pleased with the result. Gaining both the moral high ground of saving nearly 900 of his fellow ghouls, he’s also gained the loyalty of the skilled labor from the sane ghouls. Although it required him to call in several markers, in about a year he’ll be able to begin to expand his operations.

The Sangre (being controlled by the Toxic Voodoo shaman Graveyard) begin a massive push toward the reactor levels, only to be met with heavy drone resistance. They manage to overwhelm the drones after an hour of frenzied fighting, only to finally reach the reactors to find the controls scrambled. A few of the more technically minded ghouls try to overload the reactors, setting off several alarm in the process which alert the UCAS military to the problem. The Sangre and Graveyard are annihilated by three special operations teams before they can cause any damage or a meltdown.

The UCAS army, having sent their special operations teams in early to slaughter the squatters in the mall levels of the Arcology, publicly move in at noon to discover the horror of what the criminal element has done. Bravely pressing forward to seek justice for the slaughtered squatters, they move to engage the gangs and some automated defenses in the upper levels of the Arcology. The media event is a total success, and Mayor Brackhaven enjoys a seven point gain in popularity and UCAS recruiting stations in Seattle receive a noticeable increase in volunteers.

And as the characters head off to Denver, we put the campaign on hold as Tazer’s player is looking to take the reigns and run a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition campaign. Thanks to everyone who has been reading with us so far, and especially to those who offered words of praise and kindness.

Let my people go 2
Oppressed so hard they could not stand...

After spending a few moments of rest within the Moterhead’s compound being looked at like the daily special, the team hopped aboard the ATV’s and started to head deeper into the Arcology. Several times while traveling through the massive structure, packs of ghouls started to chase the team, but modern vehicles far surpassed the running speed of a ghoul and they were soon left in the dark. Once the team was out of the parking levels, they made their way down to the main manufacturing facilities of the Arcology. Long stripped out of anything useful (And indeed, portable), the massive open levels provided a good bit of speed, and found that some of the walls occasionally where marked with rather crude drawings. Tazer was able to put together that the images were copies of magical drawings, possibly used as some sort of territory markings and placed there by someone who didn’t realize their true representation. Unfamiliar with the intricacies of the tradition in question, Tazer could only put together that it seemed to be some sort of request to spirits, but nothing more detailed than that.

Speeding down further into the building, they found a large barricade constructed and manned (Ghouled) by several individuals armed with an assortment of ill-kept pistols and the occasional sub-machine gun. The guards seemed to be a little perplexed at the idea that some humans were down here in the first place, and more that they wanted to go and meet with Graveyard. The team had learned from the Moterheads that the Sangre had a trade area and after bringing that up the guards were reluctant, but willing to let them pass if they agreed to the rules of the trade area. Namely, no guns. Corn was indignant and wanted to know if that meant he would have to leave his weapons behind, which the guard laughed and told him only if they wanted them to get stolen. The ‘No Gun’ policy was enforced in the trade zone alone and they could wait outside of it if they didn’t trust the Ghouls. The barricade was then pushed out of the way and they were allowed to pass by. Once inside the Sangre territory, there were more signs of intelligent Ghouls that could keep their feral brethren in check so their trip was easier, if a little unnerving.

Finding the trade zone as a shanty town where scraps that people scavenged could be bartered and traded for necessity; Tazer, Pharaoh and Spanky decided to remove their weapons and drag one of the corpses as an offering to Graveyard for an offering to arrange a meeting. Finding a large pavilion in the middle of the area which was well guarded, the team walked up (Garnering quite a few confused looks at the time) and said they’d offer the body for a meeting with Graveyard. The guard in question asked if the team was use to carrying around corpses, but said that he would take their message and offering to her. When the insinuation arose that what proof did they have that the guard just wasn’t going to carry the gift off for quite a meal, he responded immediately that you never stole from Graveyard. She removes the tongue of anyone who previously did. However, the team shouldn’t expect that the audience would happen immediately. Without anywhere else to go, the team hung around for a little over two hours before being allowed inside.

The pavilion was stocked full of male ghouls with strange depressions in their necks standing guard around a female ghoul lounged out on some assembled throne who gazed over the team. Demanding to know why these people have come into her territory, Tazer began to explain to her of the impending UCAS invasion of the military upon the hand off, and Graveyard asked for any sort of proof of this event. Coming up a bit blank on physical proof, Graveyard seemed to dismiss them at that point but agreed to consider their proposition if they would do a favor for her. Just one of them would be just fine.

  • Postmortum, the leader of the largest Ghoul Pack, needed to die. Then his pack would join hers with a minimum of effort.
  • If the group wasn’t willing to murder on her behalf, then obtaining some of his blood, or even a bit of skin would be sufficient.
  • In the deepest level of the Arcology, a squatter has taken up residence. He is most troublesome and he must be killed and she personally wanted to eat his eyes.

After being given the list of favors to do, the group was dismissed and shown out another way out. Walking right past a handful of Ghouls devouring the corpse they happened to bring. Tazer noted one of them was actually appreciative, noting that the corpses they traded for Postmortum always tasted funny. Pharaoh was able to note that there was several wireless signals, the first he’s detected since he’s been inside the Arcology, were littered around the pavilion. Someone had apparently bugged this place quite heavily. Pharaoh tried to detect where the signals were going, but the person was well practiced in concealing their tracks and stymied the discovery. After sniffing the traffic, he found that it was encrypted in basic military standards. A heavy encryption that would take several hours for his first attempt to decode it, and time was the issue at hand. Given free passage to go further down in the territory, the team met up with Corn who was guarding the goods and drove through to go further down looking for Postmortum’s levels.

Leaving the Sangre territory, the team made it down to level B13, and long before they even reached the path, Spanky was nearly overcome with the rotting stench rolling up from the lower level. Tazer and Pharaoh caught it moments after and Corn was blissfully unaware until nearly too late. The level they were about to enter was one of the larger Aquaculture levels. Countless vats for growing fish and mussels where grown down here for consumption and export, but after the shutdown, they’ve been unattended and rotting. Several vats have lost structural integrity and emptied their contents and coated the floor in its rotting ichor. Some searching found a way up to catwalks that extended the entire length of the floor, and the ATV’s were able to get up and avoid the mess below. It was tough to find their way around, but Spanky was the only one to notice the colored grids on the walkways to lead the party through. As they passed a stack of crates and wondered why they hadn’t been taken up from scavengers, they approached a second stack when both tumbled down, blocking the walkway and trapping them between as two hordes of feral ghouls charged the team.

Tazer used her newest spell to erect a glowing wall of energy to the front of the team and Pharaoh hopped virtually into the drone and aimed the LMG toward the arcane wall in case it was breached. Corn started the encounter with a fragmentation grenade thrown right in front of the horde, timing it near perfectly so when the horde rushed up it exploded among them. Then, letting loose with his own LMG, Corn suppressed the area which, when the ‘Area’ is constricted to a 4 meter walkway, proved horrifically devastating in combination with the grenade. Spanky took his time with his SMG and picked off the occasional target. From the front side, the horde reached closer when a grenade arced from the mob, but unfortunately bounced right off the side of the walkway and fell with a soft ‘plop’ into the filth beneath them. Once some more time passed, a cloud of smoke erupted from the fallen grenade, but caused no issues.

Corn enjoyed himself greatly, cutting down ghoul after ghoul and once the forward group came closer. Tazer ended the threat ahead of them with dual overcast Stunballs, but not without some cost as she took some physical damage from the drain. Pharaoh noted with his radar that from the now unconscious horde that one ghoul was nearly 30 meters back. Calling to Corn for a grenade, the ghoul started running full speed away as another fragmentation grenade landed at his feet. Avoiding the explosion, Tazer dropped the glowing wall as Pharaoh suppressed the single ghoul, knocking him down to the walkway. Spanky wasn’t able to keep up with the raw death laid out by the suppression fire as one ghoul happened to get its claws into Corn, but his armor was far too hardy for any damage and it didn’t survive a second round. Tazer and Pharaoh headed down to the collapsed ghoul who was valiantly trying to drag himself away, before being more than willing to talk as several guns were pointed toward it; while Spanky and Corn pulled out the monofiliment chainsaw and used the background noise of decapitating the unconscious ghouls. The ghoul said he was part of Postmortum’s pack, and could lead them down to where he was, which is where we left off.

Let my people go 1
When Moses was in Egypt Land...

Christmas had come and gone for the team, and in the early hours of New Years Eve while most of them slept in in preparation for the evening of parties ahead, Pharaoh’s commlink chimed with a video call from someone he hoped to never meet again. Clean Steve, the shadowrunner the team had met during the Eyewitness run was calling at the indecent hour of 8:56 AM; and what’s worse, he was a morning person.

“Hi there! Our mutual friend Mr. Johnson has a job for you, if you’re interested.”

So why are you calling instead of him?

“Oh, you know. He doesn’t like to get out much in the daytime…”

Had to be Shepard, the CEO. Alright, so they wanted to know about the job.

“Not over a commlink. Got somewhere to meet?”

The team didn’t have anywhere they’d want to invite Clean Steve too offhand, so he suggested the Pizzaria that the team had done a favor for Anthony so long ago. Finding this alright, the team pulled themselves out of bed and got themselves ready. Arriving at the scene first, they had time to get in the back and idly discuss what the job could be. Steve showed up a few minutes later and got right down to business.

“Alright. The job in question is an Extraction. Its not going to be easy, and its not going to be simple. Once its done, you’re going to want to get out of town as well. Actually we’re going to make that part of the contract. The upside is that the job pays well. Really well.”

Yeah, how well is pretty well?

“About 85,000 nuyen…”

That’s wasn’t bad money at all.


They were sold.

“Great! Have you heard about the UCAS military taking over the old Renraku Arcology?”

They had heard something about that on the trid of late.

“You have until noon tomorrow to get as many ghouls out of the basement of the arcology as you can.” Deciding that the shocked look on everyone’s face was disbelief, Steve continued. “Since the place was freed from Deus almost 10 years ago, its been left abandoned in the middle of downtown. The basement has become a haven for ghouls. Protected, out of the rain, middle of downtown, and renewable food source in the guise of squatters and the occasional Shadowrunner team, its nearly perfect for them. However, with the military moves in, they’re not going to leave a thousand ghouls alive in the basement. Its going to be a slaughter. What’s worse, is they’re turning it into a media event. Camera crews are going in behind the squads and broadcasting the entire affair. The military has cordoned off the area for three streets in every direction. So that’s going to be your first obstacle. Finding a way inside. Once inside, you’ll have to talk to the ghouls and get them on board with escaping.”

Tazer, wondering if the pay was enough, asked what were they to do with a thousand ghouls.

“Get them clear of the building. Street level is an option, but you’ll likely take casualties until they can at least reach the sewers. There’s the old monorail track that leads to floor three inside the arcology, but you can only have so many going across at a time and eventually someone will look up. There’s another option but its an expensive one. We made contact with some smugglers that have access to shipping barges that the city uses. The arcology has some outflow pipes leading right into Puget Sound in the mid-basement levels. If you can get the ghouls out that way, the barges will know where to take them. Unfortunately, they want 10,000 per barge, and only have access to four barges. Also, they’ll be arriving at 9 AM tomorrow and will only stay until noon.”

It wasn’t a bad option. They decided to take the comm-code for the barges.

“Also,” Steve continued “Mr. Johnson understands that there will likely be some losses here. A thousand ghouls is a rough estimate, so he believes that 800 is a good average. For every 200 ghouls less than that you rescue, he’ll deduct 10,000 nuyen from the pay. If you manage to rescue more than 800, he’ll increase your pay by 10,000 for each 200 more.”

Seemed fair, and that did mean that the team got 180,000 each just for making the attempt.

“Also, just so you know you are the second team we’ll be sending in. The first one went in eight hours ago, but they didn’t ask any questions so they’re most likely ghoul food right now, poor bastards. Oh hey, you have questions? Great!”

The team wondered how they’re going to accomplish this peacefully when they were more than likely to be looked like food that’s delivered itself.

“Well, if you’re not aware. Ghouls that survive the transition with their minds intact have some level of control over the ferals. Sort of like a pack mentality and the intelligent ones get promotions to Alphas. However, we can help you out with some precautions. First off, we can supply you with some fresh corpses. Barter, peace offerings, bait… whatever you want to use them for.”

Grisly, but it sounded good. The team asked for three bodies.

“Second, Mr. Johnson has been working on a chemical pheromone that would act like a boundary marker. Spraying yourselves with it should make you smell awful to any ghoul you come across. Unfortunately, we only have one tank of it available right now and its a bit unstable, so there’s no guarantee on how long it will last.”

This one sounded better, so they asked for the tank.

“Third, we can infect you with a mild strain of the Kreiger virus. This is the virus that causes the ghoul transformation. This strain is more of the chicken pox as opposed to smallpox. But if you do this, they shouldn’t attack you unless provoked. You’ll smell like family.”

Tazer, Pharaoh and Corn weren’t interested in that at all, but Spanky thought it had some merit and asked for four injections of it.

“Finally, we have a compound that is possible to cure an early infection.” Placing a package of eight heart needles on the table gently, he continued “If you happen to get infected, injecting this directly into your heart within the first half hour will either cure you, or kill you. If the former, you’ll be too sick to do anything but feel miserable for a few days, but it might be better than the alternative.”

Taking the case, the team started to work on getting their home packed up and closed down and looking for goods they might need. Clean Steve took the moment to clear his throat.

“If you’re done with the briefing, I happen to know someone who might be able to get you what you want in about a half hour.” Taking him up on his offer, Corn picked up a massive amount of APDS ammo for everyone on the team, as well as new armor. Spanky picked up a suit of chainmail and a new helm shaped as a classic viking helm with LED lights in the horns. Pharaoh spent some time thinking about what drones might be useful, but in the end decided not to pick up anything. Corn suggested the military heavy combat drone, but Steve’s contact couldn’t help him out with military tech at the moment.

With just under twenty-five hours and change before the UCAS military moved in, the team split its efforts. Corn contacted his smuggler and tried to find out how much it would cost him to have his people pack up their home and ship it to Denver in a month. Without a massive time pressure, the fee was fairly cheap and Corn happily paid it, believing his loyalty score would keep his contact from selling off the team’s goods. Pharaoh on the other hand called up his fixer and wanted to see if they had a contact with the Ork Underground that might be able to get them inside the Arcology. Promising to get back to him, the fixer was as good as his word and came back to Pharaoh with a place for a meet in Redmond in less than an hour. Tazer tagged along and they were able to negotiate passage into the arcology for 4,000 nuyen to get in, but the Orks were not willing to let them come back out that way, which Pharaoh and Tazer agreed too. Spanky took this time to pull out the weak strain of the Ghoul virus and inject himself, he seemed to be alright, aside from starting to run a light fever. Finding that the results didn’t look to bad, Corn decided to do the same, showing signs of a light fever as well (After spending an Edge point to re-roll a failure). Getting the supplies from Steve, along with four ATV’s loaded up with extra battery packs for extended run time in the arcology, the team armed and armored up and headed underground.

The tunnel from the Ork Underground was rough and unfinished. Before getting too far inside, they found that the Orks had been use to things trying to leave the Arcology as several sentry guns and anti-personnel explosives were pointed further inside. Their guide de-activated the weapons before leaving the team behind. Traveling for a while, the team caught the sent of rotting bodies and found some ghoul corpses that had been perforated by the sentry weapons and left to rot. Speeding by, they eventually found themselves in a large parking garage. They had made they’re way inside, once again.

Gazing around the parking lot, the first thing that caught their eyes was that most of the usable items in the area have long been scavenged. Light fixtures, body panels from cars, even camera mounts were pulled off the wall. The team was able to find that they were on level B4, and without any sort of idea where to go, they drove their ATV’s off to the west. Eventually, they were able to catch sight and sound of some movement at the edge of their low-light vision, so Pharaoh cracked a glo-stick and tossed it at the area. Several ghouls scattered away from the light, but didn’t rush to attack. Deciding it was a decent sign, Pharaoh and Tazer circled the ATVs, while Spanky did his best to sneak up on the ghouls while Corn went out to negotiate.

The spokesghoul was quite intelligent, head of the hunting party who when told about the military coming in, was more than willing to leave and survive another day, but he let the team know that he wasn’t in charge of anything and couldn’t make that decision for the gang. When the team seemed surprised, the ghoul gave them the basic information of the Arcology’s Basement power structure.

1. There were three major ghoul groups down here.

2. The parking levels were controlled by a group that called themselves the Moterheads, and lead by a ghoul named ‘Grinder’.

3. Mid levels were controlled by a group called the Sangre, which were the group these ghouls belonged too. Their leader was a Voodoo Mage called ‘Graveyard’ and they had a non-aggression pact with the Moterheads to share the same feeding grounds.

4. Lower levels were controlled by the largest group of ghouls in the place. They didn’t have a name but they were lead by a ghoul that called himself ‘Postmortum’.

The ghouls gave the team directions to the Moterheads main area, which were two floors further down, and did promise to let others know that there were some people here trying to evacuate the ghouls to safety, but technology had not been kind to the Sangre and they were limited to shouting loudly. The team thanked the hunting party and decided to sever a limb from one of the three corpses and offer it as a gift for the information which was well received. With the directions which seemed to be accurate, the team sped down two levels and found themselves facing a large fortress built out of scavenged materials. Mainly, it looked built out of cars. Facing a gate that had a pair of surprised looking sentries on it, the guards fetched someone apparently higher up the food chain who offered to let them come inside, but as it was Corn who was trying to negotiate entry, the senior guard asked if he would be willing to at least leave some of his weapons behind. Not willing to walk right into a ghoul lair, the team instead wanted to talk to Grinder at the gate itself. The guard was willing to give it a shot and fetched him, which turned out to be a surprise to the group. Grinder appeared to be the first Ghoul they had ever seen with cyberware. Informing Grinder of the impending invasion by the UCAS military, he was more than willing to relocate his people to safety, but there was a problem. The Moterheads were the smallest group of ghouls in the basement, and most of their ability to defend themselves from the other groups were there defenses and structures they had built, which they couldn’t take with to move down to the outflow pipes on B14 to escape. However, Grinder would be willing to move with the team if they could do him a favor. Either one of these would be just fine.

  • Graveyard, the leader of the Sangre, needed to die. With her dead, the Sangre would lose most of their cohesion and the Moterheads could concentrate on defending themselves from Postmortum’s cult.
  • Down in the deeper levels of the arcology were some drone constructed by Deus, large drones called ‘medusas’ which were the size of full grown tigers that all the ghouls feared. If the team could get a few of those, then neither of the other groups would mess with the Moterheads.

Finding these Ghouls decent enough to work with, they passed along the corpse with the severed limb as a peace offering as well as passage through the Moterheads territory. The gift was well received and Grinder gave the team some locations of functional intercoms on the Moterhead and Sangre territory they could use to contact Grinder once either of the two conditions were met. Both Corn and Pharaoh spent some time looking over the Moterheads scavenged drones and gear in the interest of fostering good will between the group, but most of them needed full replacement parts as well were over ten years old, the ghouls were pretty technically inclined to keep them running this long already.

With directions down to where they could meet some ghouls from the Sangre to barter passage or a meet with Graveyard, the team returned to their ATV’s and headed further down into the basement, which is where we ended for the night.

Shadowrun To Go
A.K.A. Toy Story

As the Christmas holiday crept ever closer for our team, the ash gray snow fell from the sky while Pharaoh’s commlink chimed an incoming call in a particularly non-holiday tone. Turns out his Fixer had a lead on a possible job and offered the details to the team. Thinking they’re credit accounts could use some cheer, they accepted and got the meet information. A Corper Bar located downtown. A fancy place, not quite as opulent as the Prism from the previous run, but a place where mid-level corporate drones could let their hair down and dress in styles not allowed due to company policy. The team found their contact in a booth with two women who certainly couldn’t dress like they were even in the most open minded corporation. The Johnson was dressed well in a good looking suit, and he sent the two companions away and invited the team to sit down.

“I’m looking for people who can acquire some blue prints from a local nanofabrication plant from a relatively small company in Tacoma.” Since the team had no objects up front, he continued. “The company is Mesatronics, you may know them as one of the premier developers of mini and small drones in the UCAS. They’re latest creation, an aerial reconnaissance drone, named the ‘Brisa’, is listing as being head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Nearly 100 kilometer per hours higher top speed than anything short of a full jet engine. So, needless to say we’re interested to know if this is just Marketing being wrong, or some newly developed technology that should be placed in better hands; which is where you come in. If you are able to acquire a set of the nanofabber blueprints for this new drone, we’re willing to offer you 20,000 nuyen. A bonus of 10,000 on that price if you can get us a physical copy of the drone, with an additional 15,000 nuyen if the team can finish the job with no sign of industrial espionage.” The Johnson did have some information about the site itself that he was more than willing to share with the team, but the price for the information was that the payment was non-negotiable. Deciding that the info could be more valuable than a couple thousand additional nuyen, they accepted the terms and found that they were looking at a very security paranoid company. Each of the buildings were surrounded by Mage Ivy, preventing any astral travelers from snooping around inside. The grounds were barren, offering no hiding places aside from the occasional piece of shrubbery. The shipping gate at the rear of the compound had a weight sensor for shipments entering and exiting the building. The VP’s of the site’s son was a registered Hermetic Mage, so they were told to expect wards and barriers, if not spirits guarding the location as well as patrolling drones. Finally, none of the buildings seemed to leak any sort of wireless signals, indicating high quality wireless inhibiting paint, or possibly complete Faraday cages inside each of the buildings.

Thus, faced with a difficult task, the team started to brainstorm possible paths inside the buildings, but were nervous about going into the buildings themselves without having greater information. Finally deciding on trying to appeal to some employees greed, but not with an overt bribe. Taking a commlink that the team had previously acquired, Pharaoh decided to scrub all traces of information from it and set it up with a complete set of Evo’s latest demo software. Then, proceeded to set the commlink’s hardware to automatically start recording with the camera and all data that passed through it once it lost signal to public nodes outside of Mesatronic’s site. Then, a stake out in front of the main gate of the building gave the team a decent sampling of people who may accept the higher quality commlink. Finally, creating a semi-spam email with a site for the recipients to check for their new ‘Prize’ added another level to support the scam. Finally, they sent off the E-mails from an anonymous mailer, and were then forced to wait. Two days later, they had someone bite, and forwarded the team a shipping address for their free commlink (Including annoying pop up User Feedback surveys) to a corporate housing project in Tacoma. Sending the commlink off, the team sat down to wait once more.

The social engineering of the staff paid dividends. The commlink’s new owner, Nancy, wasn’t that technically savvy. Loading her profile and information into the commlink, she brought it on site to the compound and walked into a building which was labeled Maintenance/Backup Equipment from their Johnson’s information actually turned out to be the IT department as well as the Research labs. Taking her new commlink to IT, the staff loaded the programs to be able to view the proprietary network, then Nancy herself loaded her IDs and Passwords before heading to her own cubicle and started to work. As Nancy wasn’t involved with design, nor construction of the drones, she didn’t have access to the blue print. However, Pharaoh was able to identify that each node in any of the buildings had a connection to a large node that was shaped in AR to appear as a Big Top circus. Nancy never went near there at any time. Finishing her day, Nancy headed back and the team sat down to think of more options. Realizing that many of their troubles could be resolved if they could connect to the trojan commlink once it was inside the building, they started to pour over details that they could see. Pondering using the team’s monofiliment chainsaw to cut a hole in the roof, they later decided to poke a hole in the HVAC equipment resting on the roof of each building, and feeding an antenna down through the ducts as far as they could go to see if they could get signal out that way. Heading to the local Home Despot, they picked up some tools and equipment to fulfill the job, while Tazer placed a Levitate spell in her new sustaining focus, before enshrouding herself in a powerfully cast Improved Invisibility to avoid any drones. Once prepped, she floated over the wall and to the top of the three buildings, each in turn drilling a small hole in the duct work and feeding the antenna down with the assistance of myomeric rope. In the two buildings that Nancy had entered, they found that they had signal inside each building. The third building she never entered, they had signal, but weren’t sure if the nodes listed where inside the building or not. Finishing her job, Tazer floated back out and the team headed back. Instead of starting to hack immediately, Pharaoh waited until Nancy returned in the morning, and used her Limited User access to gently probe the system for defenses.

Coming to the conclusion that the Circus node was a Nexus that probably ran the complex, Pharaoh began a careful hack, looking for an exploit that would grant him Admin level access. Several hours crawled by until suddenly his connection to the site suddenly became very poor. Expecting the worst, the explanation was far more simple. Nancy had left the site for the day, and rather than continue without the additional layer of security of hiding on a legitimate user’s commlink, he decided to wait and start again the next day. The second day, the entry was easier with most of the work from the previous night still being in place. Logging into the circus node, Pharaoh found that there was two different IC running on the node, but they didn’t seem to be bothered by his presence. He was able to quickly find that two full sized nanofabbers were slaved to the Nexus, and all build orders for the site was routed through this very node. Which was when Spanky asked the 64,000 nuyen question of the night.

“Why don’t we fake an order and have them ship a drone to us?”

Pharaoh hopped on the idea, editting up a fake work order while hiding the actual cargo with something that would be of equal weight from the catalog of several drones the site could build. Spanky set up a delivery site in the storage warehouse they half destroyed in the Community Cleanup adventure, and then began to hide all traces of his entry. Purging the log files of his presence and requests, before getting an approximate delivery time of tomorrow afternoon, while Tazer went back in the night to remove all of the antennas and seal up the holes with duct tape. That wait was the longest yet. Twelve o’clock, One, Two, and Three all passed with no notification from the warehouse of delivery. Finally, at seven at night, the notice came that there had been a delivery at their storage site. Jumping into the SUV and loaded for war (In case it was a trap), the team arrived and had a drone forklift load the large crate onto the boat trailer that Corn had converted to a makeshift flatbed. Deciding on double checking, the team contacted Pharaoh’s fixer and asked for a place where they could stay out of sight for about an hour. Pharaoh crawled over the crate with a fine toothed comb looking for any sort of RFID tags that might be tracking their location, and burning them out where he could. Corn spent his time looking for any additional explosive surprises that might have been added due to the prolonged delay. After Pharaoh had finished his work and Corn didn’t find anything, they opened the crate and found a new looking drone staring back at them. Sealing it back up, Corn and Pharaoh guarded the crate while Tazer and Spanky headed to a nearby Home Despot for copper mesh and a large tarp to wrap the crate in. At that point, Pharaoh sent a message to Mr. Johnson saying that the job was complete. Giving them a location to meet him at in about an hour and a half.

The location, however, was a busy Ares warehouse. The Ares Corporate guards gave the team a solid stink-eye, but when giving the information on who they were to meet they were grudgingly let inside. A large warehouse held several more security, as well as some technicians and Mr. Johnson looking rather pleased. Admitting his surprise that the team would have been able to acquire the drone itself, as he hoped to come in significantly under budget with the lower payout. As good as his offer, he paid the team the 30,000 nuyen, but asked for their patience for the additional 15,000 in case Mesatronics was able to find signs of espionage. The team was willing to wait, and headed home without delay. Five days later, they had found that the offered credit account held not just 15,000, but an additional 2,500 nuyen as Mesatronics was able to find that one of their prototypes was shipped out by accident, they couldn’t find proof that it was done by espionage action. Counting their blessings and cash, the team settled in for a Merry Christmas holiday.


“Good evening Seattle, I’m Jocelyn Meyers for Channel 428 News. After several years of negotiations, an agreement has finally been reached between the United Canadian American States and the Renraku Computer Systems on what was to happen to Renraku’s Self-Contained Industrial/Residential Enviroment, known locally as the Renraku Arcology. After the Arcology had been liberated by our fine military under President Angela Colleton’s command nearly seven years ago, the Arcology is to become UCAS property in exchange for the hefty financial cost of securing it and reclaiming it from the rogue A.I. Deus after it trapped nearly 100,000 people inside of it during the Christmas season of 2059. Governor Brackhaven had this to say.”

“This is a fine day for our great city. For too long some of society’s forgotten children have been hungry, left to the cold of our brutal winters in our streets with nowhere to go will now have safe haven inside the Arcology. Food, warmth and shelter will be provided for those unfortunate souls who need them as well as the first five of the twelve floors will be re-opened as a commercial center for any who wish to do business in these walls. The new year will be full of new opportunities for our brothers and sisters of Seattle.”

“The official hand-off from Renraku to the UCAS military will happen at 10 AM Seattle Time on New Years Day, who will enter the structure and remove any violent squatters or criminals who have taken up residence in the building before the rebuilding of this structure. Some people oppose the additional cost that refitting the structure for habitation will impose on the city’s finances, not to mention re-opening the scene of Deus’ horrific experiments could cause problems to anyone sensitive to Astral echoes. Doctor Edward Many-Paws of the Living World Foundation had the following to say…”

Community Cleanup 2
Fire cleanses, right?

Once settled in with the bomb in the storage warehouse, Tazer decided to return to the team’s SUV to search the location Astral again. Finding nothing in the first two buildings, she made the discovery of something active guarded by half a dozen men guarding it. Returning to the SUV and informing the team of her discovery. Corn and Spanky armed up and headed over to scope out the opposition.

Even though it was late, the warehouse had a few people standing around separate storage sites. Most of them with eyes in AR or talking amongst themselves, but the six guarding the awakened material seemed like solid professionals. The moment Corn and Spanky walked in, two of the six immediately had eyes on them and kept watching until they walked out of sight. Sending an automated request to have the team’s bomb moved from the other warehouse to the one with the drugs, Pharaoh took some time to hack the warehouse system which arranged the moves of the bomb to be removed from the system’s log.

The team hung around long enough to make sure that the drug runners weren’t going to move the goods before the detonation time, the started to roll out the moment of the explosion. What they didn’t expect was the secondary and tertiary explosions that followed up almost immediately afterward. Multiple people were storing fuel oil in that location for the boats which docked and transported goods further up Puget Sound. Good to their words, as they set the detonation for 2:27 AM the emergency services didn’t show up immediately, causing more than enough time for the warehouse to burn to the ground, consuming all of the drugs.

Three days after the explosion, the team received their funds as they watched the local news reports. Seems that multiple explosions happened at 2:27 AM and the news media was having a field day believing it was an act of terrorism. The UCAS FBI and Lone Star both denied such rumors. This, however, was the final nail in Lone Star’s coffin as the Seattle Metroplex signed Knight Errant to be the city’s security force. It was going to be a merry new year for the Ares corporation.

Community Cleanup
For a certain value of clean

The Seattle streets slowly started to fill with snow as December made itself known, the team had gone on a minor shopping trip. Tazer had picked up a few new ID’s, put in an order for a new Foci and spell formula and Corn had picked up a Drone Chair for either Tazer or Pharaoh when they went Astral or VR respectively (Plenty of comments were made about Shadowrunners looking like the humans in WALL-E). The Christmas season and AR spam of sales from anywhere they looked were lost on them as they were called by their landlord, Anthony Corolla.

After making a few comments about the rent, he asked if the team would be interested in a little work. Always on the lookout for more money, the team agreed and Anthony said that they could meet the Johnsons tonight in the hottest club in Seattle, The Prism. Dress to impress and don’t be silly enough to try and bring a weapon into the club. This chafed at Corn, but he finally relented to go in unarmed. Before hanging up, Anthony gave a warning not to do anything to antagonize any of the Johnsons. Mentioning that they were walking into a powder keg and it would be for the best to not do anything to set it off.

Tazer and Corn dressed up while Pharaoh and Spanky decided to stay in the car, they headed to downtown where they found the Prism in full swing. Limousines lined the entryway as spotlights lit up the cloudy night. A long line of people braved the cold for a chance to see the Whos Who and Glitterati of Seattle. Deciding not to press their luck, Tazer and Corn exited the SUV and simply walked up to the front of the line. Corn was able to pick out a few Simsense actors as well as lower league sports stars waiting out in the snow, while Tazer surprised the Orc bouncer (Dressed in quite an expensive tuxedo) by actually being on the list. The two were waved through and into the club proper.

While the lesser denizens of Seattle waited behind velvet ropes, the inside held the cream of the crop. Simsense stars and nationally famous athletes danced the night away with the beautiful and the rich. The team knew they were out of their financial league when Corn wanted to get a water with slice of lemon, and was presented with a credit application. Tazer was able to pick out a group that looked fairly out of place near a set of stairs to some private rooms while Corn found the name of the club had a hidden quality. While switching through the modes on his cybereyes, he found that each different wavelength of light held a different set of AR entertainments. Unable to focus in on it, Tazer had moved over to the obvious guards who were set on giving each of the two a full pat down while someone standing a bit away watched a hand held scanner intently. Once assured that neither one of them were carrying any weapons, they were let up the stairs only to find another group of muscle who had two people watching scanners and another pat down waiting for them.

Once inside the private room, the duo found that three people were inside waiting for them, a human women dressed completely in white, a human male of oriental descent dressed in white with a black silk undershirt, and a male ork dressed to the nines with nanotattoos peeking out from his cuffs and collar. Pharaoh started to search the Matrix to see if there were any hits on any of their faces while the Ork was the most personable of the three, offering drinks to anyone and Corn took him up on some bourbon. Finding the quality of alcohol to be comparable to what he had stolen off the yacht in the Dreamchipper run, Corn settled in as the woman (Who Pharaoh had found was a fairly respected Mafia hitwoman working for the Finnagan family) asked if either of them knew what the drug she placed in front of them was. Coming up empty, she filled them in.

The drug was called ‘Tempo’; a new bioengineered awakened drug, it was very popular and coming into Seattle by the truckload. The trio had discovered that a shipment would be at a local warehouse in three days time before being split up and shipped out. They wanted the team to destroy the shipment, preferably noisily. Unfortunately, the trio didn’t have a great deal of information. The warehouse turned out to be a corporate grouping of six warehouses with dock access. They didn’t know how it was arriving, nor how it was going to be guarded. They seemed sure on the time frame though, and assumed that whatever group was bringing the drugs into the warehouse would be heavily armed, so it should be easy for the team to figure out which one held the shipment. Agreeing to a price of 20,000 nuyen for the run, the trio said the payment was small, but the bribes in place to make sure that an explosion didn’t get investigated to thoroughly was rather expensive. And, if they were going to use an explosion, to detonate it precisely at 2:27 AM to avoid unnecessary hardships. With that, the trio offered them a small line of credit downstairs if they wished to enjoy themselves, but Tazer declined and immediately got to work.

Pulling the boat the team had purchased in Favor Repayment out of storage and planned a day cruise in the Puget Sound, outside of the shipping lanes but close enough for the Vision Magnification most of the team had on their eyes or AR Glasses to be able to observe the warehouses in question. Four warehouses faced the water and two seemed particularly busy. No goods that entered either of them stayed for longer than twenty minutes. The other two facing the water seemed active, but goods that were dropped off in either of those seemed to be more along the lines of storage. At night, the two busy warehouses seemed to shut down but the complex remained active, with trucks coming and going all through the night. Tazer took the opportunity to astrally project and search through all of the warehouses looking for anything astrally active like the drug. Coming up empty, she returned to the boat and informed the group that the drugs didn’t appear to be at the warehouse yet. Discussing their options, they decided to leave the warehouse for now and get the equipment needed to complete the mission, as they still had two days to find the drugs, but if they showed up at the last minute the group wouldn’t be prepared to take them out.

Checking the warehouse’s business, the team found that rental space was available to anyone in any size, shape and time frame required. Pharaoh rented out a small spot in one of the warehouses off of the water and both he and Corn went to check the place out. The inside of the warehouse was made up of individual areas constructed out of chain link fencing with a MagLock protecting the entrances. Corn used his demolitions skill to easily deduce that the structure was just too large for explosives to take it out sufficiently, but making a firebomb would likely destroy any of the goods as long as Pharaoh could disable the fire system, which seemed to be an inert gas dispenser. Locating a section of the warehouse that wasn’t just chain link, Pharaoh gathered that the inert gas canisters were likely inside the building, possibly along with the fire suppression system itself. Filing those bits of info away, the team contacted a refinery in Tacoma and ordered four 55 gallon drums of fuel to be delivered to their spot in the warehouse while Corn re-constructed the bomb he disarmed and took with him from the [[Eyewitness pt. 1 | Eyewitness]] run. Spanky then came up with the idea to rent three more locations, each in the other warehouses, to easily move the firebomb to whichever warehouse the drugs would show up, which was quickly accomplished. At that point, with the preparations complete, we ended there for the night to give ourselves a full evening in case of a large combat with the drug runners.

Eyewitness pt. 4

Looking at the manhole leading down into the fetid sewers of Seattle, the team looked at each other and almost said as one:

“We need more gear.”

Piling back in the car, they headed off to a local store to grab a few legal essentials. Flashlights with fresh batteries, glow sticks, and a few large bags for carrying back remains for GrimGallows as Tazer was dead set on returning the ‘Defiled Children’ to it. Corn hopped on his phone and called his Arms Dealer for a rush order of some flechette rounds for one of his shotguns, and Spanky couldn’t resist picking up a pair of glowing devil horns. A quick discussion was had about the necessity of protective gear, and the idea of armored enviromental suits was brought up; but then discarded as the team didn’t feel there was enough time to hunt the suits down. Returning to the manhole, they pried the cover off and decended into Seattle’s underbelly.

Immediately wishing they hadn’t, as the sewage and waste came up to everyone’s mid-shin (Closer to Tazer’s knee as she’s the shorter one of the team), they picked a random direction and started to slog through the muck. Pushing nearly forty minutes, the team stopped as they came upon the scenes of a fight. Chunks of masonry from the wall were gouged out by explosive rounds, and carbon scoring over wide swaths put both Corn and Tazer in the mind of the effects of a flamethrower. Feeling a bit more nervous at what they might face, the team pushed on into a nearby cistern. This area appeared to be the ghoul’s lair as several makeshift hammocks were seen apparently strung together from ties and lined with tattered remains of burial clothes. What mostly stood out is that there were eight bodies in the lair, but all of them laid out almost respectfully on pieces of cardboard with a small card listing the name of the deceased and a brief prayer. The back of the card held the name of the Hammond Necroplex. While checking the corpses to see if any of them were Griffin Moore (Or just if anyone was missing a cybereye), Pharaoh’s radar picked up several moving contacts coming in the opposing doorway. Three female ghouls with five ghoul children between them caught sight of the intruders in their home. Trying to push the children behind them, the females started to hiss at the runners while Tazer tried to be civil and speak with them. Unfortunately this got no where and as soon as the children were shielded, the group tried to run off, starting to scream as they fled down the sewer.

Four male ghouls quickly appeared, two with unkempt pistols, the others with long knives. Tazer once again tried to be civil as the armed ghouls hissed at the team, trying to run them off. Eventually a pair of ghouls started to shuffle forward, trying to get close until Corn and Spanky brought their weapons to bear, showing they were close enough. One of the two ghouls started to speak in broken English, wondering why they were there or if they wanted to trade. Tazer told them of GrimGallows wanting to have his children returned to him as the ghouls were adamantly against it, claiming they would be stealing their food. Tazer reiterated that GrimGallows would eventually come down and kill them, the ghoul seemed unfazed. Stating that the shepard would protect them. In asking about the shepard, the silent-until-now ghoul started to recite a commlink phone number which Pharaoh quickly saved and then called, but kept it audio only. The perky, feminine voice that picked up on the other end said “Aggripa and Associates, office of Mr. Shepard.”.

Realizing that the ghoul had given them a direct line to a corporation’s CEO, the team took a moment to collect themselves before Pharaoh asked to speak to Mr. Shepard, saying that he was Sebastian Hammond. A short wait on hold was returned with a rather curt demand of what did Sebastian want now. Dropping the pretense of who he said he was, Pharaoh informed Mr. Shepard about the threat GrimGallows faced against the Ghouls and that they wanted to remove the bodies to placate the spirit. Shepard seemed genuinely amused that Sebastian has hired the team for that, but when Pharaoh admitted that Hammond had tried, but they balked at the paltry sum of money he quickly deduced that if they weren’t in the sewers hunting ghouls or reclaiming the bodies, they must be looking for the other eye. Getting right to the point, Shepard asked them point blank if they would be willing to negotiate a price for the eye then and there. When told they were representing another party in the matter, Shepard asked if they would be able to convince their employer to speak with him in a location of the employer’s choosing about a price for the eye. As the team didn’t see any issue with that, they agreed to give the message to their employer. Tazer wanted to know about the remains and placating the spirit, and Shepard assured her that he could have some people whom the ghouls might trust more than the team return the bodies.

Leaving the sewer and returning home, the team sent a message to Alpha Blue and gave her the situation. Agreeing that negotiation might be the best bet, she gave the team a local club’s location and said she would meet them there. Acting as the go-between, the team sent the message off to Mr. Shepard then proceeded to get ready for the meet. At the appointed time, the team escorted Alpha Blue into the club (Which was shut down except for them) as Mr. Shepard was seated at a table along with Clean Steve who looked over and smiled. After the introductions, Clean Steve noted they happened to be in a bar without any sort of bartender around, so why not help themselves to some drinks while the two employers discussed their options. Doing his best to keep them away from the discussions at hand, Steve did his best to be a host for the time being, joking around how this whole thing could have been settled days ago while pouring drinks. After about twenty minutes of discussion, Alpha Blue and Mr. Shepard rose from the table and shook hands before Blue walked over to the team. Asking them for the cybereye, Pharaoh handed it over and then deleted all the copies of the data at her request. Handing the eye over to Mr. Shepard, she shook hands with him once again before moving back to the team. Admitting that this wasn’t the resolution that she was looking for, it would probably be for the best. Distributing payment of 35,000 nuyen, she also offered her thanks and said if the team needed a favor, just to give her a call before heading out of the club.

Before the team could depart, Steve stopped the group and let them know that Mr. Shepard would like to speak with them. Shepard was impressed with the team’s restraint against the ghouls as well as their resourcefulness in finding out what happened. If they were interested, could he get some contact information for them if any work comes his way that the team might be able to handle. Finding no problem with that, they agreed but with the understanding that they wouldn’t just accept any job without knowing what it entailed. Finding it agreeable, Mr. Shepard thanked them for their efforts and offered to let them leave first. Finding their way outside, the team piled into the SUV and headed home, leaving this strange job behind with visions of what their larger credit balances could afford.


Dutch awoke with a start as the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the beach. The heat from the sand and alcohol in the little drinks with the umbrellas had lulled the chip designer into an impromptu nap. Checking on his commlink, Multitech had authorized an additional five days while his home was upgraded due to his diligent service. Who knew all it took for a three week vacation in the tropics and a nicer home was to report that some stranger called Neil Scott had contacted him about a chip he designed for Multitech? Signaling the waitress on the beach, the young elven Polynesian woman walked up the beach and said something in the native tongue. Dutch didn’t understand a word of it, but he didn’t care in the slightest. Tapping his empty drink he said “Another one, please?” The elven woman flashed him a smile that would make full VR sims pale in comparison before wandering back, as Dutch relaxed into his beach chair. Who cares if he made a chip that would fail in use, its not like anyone would get hurt.

Eyewitness pt. 3

As the team sped away from the corporate enclave, one named and unconscious guest in tow, Pharaoh put in a call to his Fixer to try and find a place to hold up. As the team was in the Western part of Tacoma, they headed south toward Puyallup and was able to make arrangements for a place with non-nosey neighbors for a few hours for 500 nuyen. Binding the passenger up with plastic restraints, they dragged him inside the temporarily rented house and Tazer began to interrogate the subject, due to her having the highest Charisma score, albeit untrained when it came to interrogations. Even with the penalties from being near death, ‘Dutch’ was able to resist talking and kept repeating his name, rank and employee number. Spanky and Corn, the ‘Bad Runners’ compared to Tazer’s ‘Good Runner’ persona, grew tired of not getting anywhere and decided to show their displeasure while Pharaoh kept overwatch around the building with his drones. Spanky tried to kick ‘Dutch’ who rolled as best he could with his penalties. Corn decided to take the direct approach and pulled out his heavy pistol and shot ‘Dutch’ in the foot, which while even though the damage was light, it caused ‘Dutch’ to fall into shock and began to die. Stabilizing him with a quick First Aid roll, the team decided to have a discussion of what to do next.

Assuming that ‘Dutch’ had no real information to give to the group, the team decided it was just best to cut their losses. Loading the unconscious form into the truck, they drove for a little while before depositing it into an alley. Corn decided to just make it quick and shot ‘Dutch’ in the head before they went back to their home. As Tazer tried to get a bit of rest, Corn spent a few hours removing the security lockouts from both the shotgun and SMG, while Pharaoh started to research the Hammond Necroplex. Almost 20 years old, the Necroplex was one of the first of its kind, doing well for a while until larger facilities started to take its market share away. With Tazer’s help, they were able to find that the Necroplex seemed to be on the verge of insolvency until about eight months ago, when they started showing decent growth and profits. Filing that bit of information under the heading of ‘Interesting’, they decided to make an in-person visit.

The necroplex is a large pyramid, about 4 stories high, painted gray and slightly imposing over the smaller buildings that made up the local area. As they pulled up to the location, they found that the parking lot was nearly empty, save for two guards wandering around the property. Quickly coming up with a cover story, Pharaoh and Tazer moved to go inside while Corn and Spanky stayed behind in case of trouble. Once inside the building, Tazer felt a rush of power, as the building appeared to be constructed and focusing Shamanic energy, and they received the attention of four security guards gathered right near the front entrance. The guards, however, quieted down and moved aside as they walked through the foyer. Pharaoh brought up the AR directory and found that Griffin Moore was entombed on the second floor, which caught them both by surprised as the obituaries listed him as cremated. Moving through the building easily, as aside from the four security guards they seemed to be the only ones present. Gas light lamps illuminated engraved name plates of who was in each of the tombs (No larger than coffins for most people), and Pharaoh decided to use his Radar built into his arm to see what was behind the stone cover.

What he found, was nothing. Oh he got very accurate measurements of the space behind the stone, but there was no body inside. In fact, most of the tombs were empty if the death dates were in the last eight months and (With quick research rolls Pharaoh discovered) the departed did not have local family. With that, the duo decided to leave as Pharaoh was going to try and slowly hack the Necroplex’s systems, but he wanted to be at the team’s base for that. Returning home, Pharaoh started a slow probing hack against the Necroplex and found that it wasn’t particularly well defended electronically. Prolonged shortfalls financially has let their systems fall behind the technology curve and after a few hours Pharaoh was inside with an Admin level account. Bringing up the personnel files, Pharaoh quickly discovered that since the accident three and a half weeks ago, most people employed by the Necroplex had given their resignations. Also, the guards on site appeared to be the only ones who accepted coming in, but at a double hazard pay rate. While he was looking into that, a second node connected to the main system sent a message out to the Matrix. Pharaoh quickly loaded up some new programs and tried to intercept the message, and found that someone on the fourth floor was trying to order some Thai food. It turns out that the someone in question was Sebastian Hammond, current CEO of the Hammond Necroplex. With a quick Edit, the delivery order became a pickup order, which would be ready in just enough time for the team to get down to the restaurant. Piling into the SUV, the team grabbed the food (Bitching that they had to pay for it when they picked it up…) and headed back to the Necroplex. Four security guards, all waiting outside, pretty much let Tazer and Corn move inside for the food delivery. Once inside, they found that they were the only ones there; as no guard was willing to stay inside the building at night. Heading up to the executive offices on the fourth floor and knocking on an office door, a very haggard looking Sebastian Hammond answered the door, paying for the delivery (With a nice tip) and brushed off Corn’s offer of help with a comment of not needed the help of a kitchen dishwasher. Pharaoh took the moment to log into the Necroplex and create a fake looking notice that a pair of ‘Exterminator Specialists’ were coming to the site, and to let them inside. Spanky and Pharaoh then loaded up on the heavy weapons and started to walk inside, as they were stopped by security. Carrying around Corn’s LMG will do that. It took a few moments for Security to find the specific order, but kept telling the two of them that whatever they were getting paid for this job, it wasn’t worth it. Something big was in there and it kept killing people inside. Pharaoh assured the security guard that yes, he really was getting paid enough and the two of them went inside. Spanky immediate regretted it, due to his magical nature as a Physical Adept was contrary to the buildings Shamanic focus, and he lost some of his mystic abilities while inside.

Tazer’s approach of using the knowledge of the missing bodies got them both inside the office, and as soon as Tazer entered she lost the connection to the enhanced magic of the place. Hammond, apparently trapped in his own office for the past three and a half weeks told them everything. The company who had offered the financial assistance to the Necroplex was Berkeley Management. For said assistance, they wanted corpses dropped off in a nearby sewer twice a week. The arrangement worked fine until the time of the ‘Accident’ three and a half weeks ago when “Something” appeared and started killing anyone in its way. Sebastian retreated to his office and has been there ever since, each time he’s tried to leave the ‘Thing’ has tried to get him. Tazer quietly put together that the “Something” was likely the spirit of the Necroplex, and tried to call to it to hear its side of the story. While most summonings are quick, this time Tazer felt compelled to leave the office and move down to a more centralized location as the team followed her with guns at the ready. Back down on the second floor, a large man. Eight foot tall and thin as a reed stepped out of the darkness. Dressed as a 1950’s mortician, it introduced itself as GrimGallows and wished to know why Tazer had called it. Tazer wished to know why it attacked the people here and GrimGallows told her that the people it had killed had defiled its children. Because of that, he had taken his revenge upon the defilers save for one which it wished to resolve. GrimGallows wanted Sebastian Hammond’s blood. Tazer gave a very convincing speech that GrimGallows should allow Sebastian to atone for his actions by retrieving the remains of its children from the sewers. GrimGallows was moved but it seemed quite specifically focused on atonement would only be bought with blood, it didn’t specifically say if Hammond would be attacked if he try to retrieve the remains. Returning to the CEO’s office, Hammond was not willing to leave his office to wander around in the Seattle sewers. He did offer the team 7,500 nuyen up front, with 15,000 to follow if they were to retrieve the remains and pacify the spirit. Assuming they were going to be facing a ghoul nest, the team wasn’t willing to go for that little, so they left Hammond in his office. As Tazer turned, she found that GrimGallows has followed them up to the office itself, but had not entered. When Tazer asked if the spirit would be willing to show her where the bodies had been dumped into the sewer, it said it would do so before it disappeared. The team then discussed the likelihood of Griffen Moore’s other cybereye being down in the ghoul nest. Willing to go in for the job, but hopefully with a raise due to the nature of the job changing, Pharaoh sent off a message to Alpha Blue while the team went home to dress for war which is where we ended the night.

Eyewitness pt. 2

Starting off this week’s adventure, the team decided that the cybereye was a hot commodity, and with another, unknown Shadowrunner team on their case as well, the team started to shop around for a matching eye that they could use as a decoy. Quickly coming up dry on finding an untraceable model (As they could have bought one in a store, but that would be pretty easy to track), they left a few messages around through their contacts in hopes of finding a model comparable.

Figuring the team was looking into tougher times, Corn decided to put in a call to his Arms Dealer, Raz, with the intention of getting some explosive assistance. Raz luckily had a standing stock of grenades and was willing to give Corn twelve at them at just a little over his cost. Deciding on four Flash-Bangs, four High Explosives, and four Concussion grenades. Suitably prepared, he decided to leave all of his new toys at home for the rest of the mission.

Curious about the meet with the other Shadowrunners, the team checked out the meet location. A ‘Mister Crunchy!’ store was converted into some faux church with a serious overabundance of stained glass, now dubbed Club Nosferatu. A couple of the local bouncers had reputations for being a little less than thorough when it came to patting patrons down for pistols. So the team headed off and dropped off Corn and Spanky first to case the joint. The two making their way inside with a pistol each, they immediately ducked into the darkness, confounding a pair of goth girls who wanted to talk to the duo, but instead they wandered off a little depressed (An emo joke goes here… the reader is welcome to come up with their own).

Eventually they found the runner named ‘Steve’ speaking to a woman, neither dressed in the style of the club, Corn was able to use his enhanced hearing to focus in on them and the conversation identified the two as lovers, either current of amiable ex’s. Unable to pick out any other members of the team, Corn sent the message to the other two that it was safe to come in. Upon entering the club, Steve was quick to identify them and motioned for them to join him at a back table. Sitting down, he turned on a white noise generator to block anyone from overhearing their discussion, but Pharaoh was easily able to route the conversation to the distant team members via the wireless connectivity. A hard look over Steve revealed to the team that he didn’t seem to be currently wearing body armor, nor did he appear armed in any way. Tazer took a moment to examine him Astrally, and found his aura practically shown at the peak of physical preformance, with no absence of essence to show cybernetic augmentation.

Steve began his pitch by saying they seemed to be in the market for the same information for their respective clients. Since there was no reason they needed to be at odds in the endeavor, Steve offered to purchase “The item and all copies of the data.” from the party for 5,000 nuyen. The team wasn’t willing to sell out their reputations for so little, although they sugar coated it in saying they couldn’t do that for their client. Steve proceeded to raise his offer to 10,000, and finally 20,000 before wishing them a good evening as well as good luck in their investigations. Pharaoh had the SUV waiting right outside as he and Tazer sped off, checking behind them occasionally for any sign of a tail, but neither found anything. Corn and Spanky stayed after long enough to watch Steve’s lover walk up and simply ask:


“Probably.” was Steve’s reply. Leaving it at that, Steve got up and headed into the back room of the club while the two remaining members made their exit.

On the way home from the Goth club, the Lone Star contact responded to the previous request for details on the car accident in which Griffin Moore was killed. Sharply rebuking the request, saying that asking for information on an active case (Which caused Tazer’s player to pipe up “Active? A car accident is an active case?”) was forbidden and actually illegal for them to receive. Along with said message, however, was a confirmation of a payment for 2,500 nuyen for the ‘Lone Star’s Retirement Fund’. Pharaoh smiled and sent off the payment and in return received a partially redacted report on the car accident. Seems like the car in question went over a cloverleaf embankment, and every single safety system inside the car failed. Upon further examination, all of the safety systems were in a diagnostic mode so they wouldn’t respond to any sort of input received and was set that way just under an hour before the accident.

Pharaoh spent some more time digging up information about Dutch Donovan and found that for someone who had a fairly active social life (On the Matrix at least), he hadn’t posted anything on his usual message boards in two weeks and two days. Tracing back the location of the postings (Through a hacked back door politely left at the message boards) Pharaoh found that the posting came from either the Multitech headquarters inside Bellevue, or from his home in a Multitech suburb inside Tacoma. Deciding to leave the Necroplex for later, the team got together and placed most of their hardware inside Pharaoh’s converted delivery drone and sent it to wait outside the walled community. Taking a pair of pistols (One for Corn, one for Spanky), they pulled up to the front gate where the guard questioned them on who they were here to see. Replying ‘Dutch Donovan’, the guard gave them an AR path to follow for the address and the team headed inside.

Coming up to the house in question, all the houses on the street were identical to each other, down to the single tree in the front yard trimmed to the same shape as the others. Ignoring the general creepiness of the local, Pharaoh parked the car and everyone went up to the front door to knock, realizing that for a suburban neighborhood is was rather quiet and empty, however it was middle of the day during the week. A few moments after knocking, a human male answered the door and answered “Yes?”

Pharaoh realized that the individual, while having Dutch Donovan’s voice, was not built like him physically from previous images, nor was the facial features a match. Realizing something was wrong, he sent the message over the team’s PAN, and Tazer took the initiative to Stunbolt him near death with an overcast spell.

Things, at that point, went south.

Spanky’s Combat Sense alerted him moments before a large caliber round impacted into the wall of the house, missing him by half of an inch. Heading inside, Corn grabbed the so called ‘Dutch’ and used his body as a human shield while he took point, while the rest of the team headed in afterwards. Swapping tactics, Corn lied Dutch on the ground and started searching his body for any sort of commlink. Spanky took point and found another person in the house, dressed in security armor who lowered an SMG, but wasn’t fast enough as Spanky quickly put two rounds into the center of the security guard’s mass. The sniper outside seemed quiet for a moment as the security guard was able to fire two quick bursts at Spanky, but due to his supernatural awareness he was able to dodge the both of them, as Corn came around the corner and dropped the injured guard with a single shot. Noticing a shotgun leaning up against the wall, Spanky took the downed guard’s SMG while Corn picked up the shotgun, as the team’s truck informed Pharaoh that it was just struck by a high velocity projectile.

Pharaoh virtually jumped into the truck as his meat body slid to the ground, thanking all the gods that nothing seemed to be damaged, and drove it full speed in reverse to go around the side of the building away from the sniper. Two large Spirits of Earth took that moment to manifest in front of the house, and Pharaoh cursed his immobile form. Tazer launched another overcasted stunbolt into the first of the Earth Spirits, disrupting it at the cost of her own health as the mana feedback from casting tore a small wound into her body, before she jumped forward and tried to buy her and Pharaoh a few moments of time. Corn started sweeping through the house, looking for any other occupents as he headed to the back room. The spirit walked through the wall and materialized before taking a swing at Tazer, who easily got out of the way of the spirits lumbering attack. Spanky moved back and attempted to open fire on the Spirit’s physical presence, but found that his newly acquired SMG wouldn’t fire. It had a security lockout for anyone except its assigned user. Tossing it to the side, he fired a single shot from his pistol at the spirit to no effect. Pharaoh spun the truck around in the yard (Thanking the gods that it had an off road suspension) and drove at the rear of the house with the ram plate extended. The team was going to make its own exit from the ambush. Shattering glass from a window (And doing a number on the frame), Spanky crawled out and headed into the truck.

Kicking down the door to the back room, Corn swept it to find no occupents, then quickly searched the room for anything of interest. Finding plenty of signs that this place was well lived in, he couldn’t find anything to give any sort of further leads, running back out and trying to place a round from his new shotgun into the spirit, he found that it as well had a security lockout. Tazer finished the job by blasted the spirit, causing the collected dirt forming its physical form to bury both Pharaoh and Dutch. Pharaoh returned from VR to unbury himself as Corn picked up ‘Dutch’ and the team headed out the new exit and piled into the truck. Once inside, Pharaoh went full VR again and sped off across people’s backyards, heading for the main gate at full speed. As Corn and Spanky quickly tried to strip down ‘Dutch’ and shove all of his belongings into the Faraday cage in the back of the truck, Corn’s enhanced hearing caught the tell-tale sound of a minigun spinning up. A large rotory security drone mounting the weapon had been sent from the main gate and the team’s SUV was near enough for it to fire. Pharaoh yanked the wheel to the side and barely avoided the lethal spray of bullets that would have hit everyone in the vehicle. Giving Tazer enough time to overcast a Lightning Bolt and fry the internal components of the drone, leaving it to crash into a backyard as Tazer’s nose started to seep blood from further overcast damage.

Returning to the main road, the engine strained inside the truck as the team started to barrel for freedom, only to see large pylons erupt from the ground at the gate house. Pharaoh quickly tried to locate and hack into the security station’s node so they could be lowered in time, knowing without a doubt that such pylons can stop a main battle tank, much less an off-road SUV. Working as fast as he could, he managed to find a breach in the firewall of the node, but he wasn’t going to make it before crashing. Leaving the hack behind, Pharaoh spun the truck 180 degrees and started to speed away as Tazer started to work out how difficult it would be to levitate the truck and everyone inside of it over the wall. Pharaoh was able to get inside the node, and found that the Intrusion Countermeasures were already active and searching. Swinging the SUV around again, he sped to the gate while he finally was able to get the pylons to drop back into the ground. Spanky, keeping watch behind found that the Corp’s High Threat Response team was on their tail. Pharaoh raised the pylons with a smirk the moment the team was out in public lands again, but was assaulted by the Security Hacker hitting him icon with an Attack. Split between trying to escape from their tail and combat in the Matrix, Pharaoh decided to disconnect from the node and concentrate on the road. The security Hacker was able to lower the pylons allowing Multimedia HTR team to follow them out into the streets, but wasn’t able to keep up with Pharaoh’s driving as the team escaped into Seattle’s streets, with an unconscious fake ‘Dutch’ who possibly had some answers, and the team was determined to get them out of him.

Eyewitness pt. 1

This run began with a slightly odd meeting place. The Johnson was looking to meet in a funeral home, and specifically requested that the team bring nothing larger than a pistol. Pondering that it might be a trap, Corn loaded up the car with the heavy artillery, but only carried a pair of pistols inside. A pair of guards waiting outside the funeral home gave the team a once over before waving them inside. Within the main viewing hall, they found their Johnson waiting with a shotgun in her hands, but not pointing at the characters. Dressed in a tight fitting blue leather outfit with chrome studs and chains accenting her ensemble, she gave a nod and the door closed behind the team. Slowly placing the shotgun on a nearby coffin, she began her pitch. Introducing herself as ‘Alpha Blue’ (A local shadowrunner known for specializing in bodyguard work, well regarded as a professional), but then gave them her real name of Erin Scott. Giving them this information in the hopes of building a level of trust, as what she wanted to hire them for was sensitive. Her brother, Neil, had recently died and Erin was convinced it was murder by the Multitech Corporation. Her brother had sent her a file containing an image of a blueprint he had been working on and discovered a particular flaw that would reduce costs substantially, but increase the likelihood of failure exponentially. She was looking for evidence that Multitech was cheating its customers; and wanted the team to hunt down the evidence, as she was going to lay low in case whomever killed her brother would come after her.

Negotiating from 20,000 nuyen up to 35,000, the team took the job. Erin offered a few suggestions as where they could start looking. One choice was Neil’s rented office space in downtown, possibly tracking down the fence who gave Neil the blueprint who went by the name of Vanian who had a physical storefront in the Redmond barrens, or tracking down the blueprint’s designer Dutch Donovon that Neil referenced in his file to Erin. Setting up a drop box so they could get in contact with her, Alpha Blue collected her weapon and headed out the back.

Deciding to start with Neil’s rented office, the team headed to downtown. Finding the location in question fairly outdated, security looked particularly lax. A single guard was visible from the outside, enjoying in-depth AR or VR entertainments. Deciding to appear like a corporate financer and technical advisor, Tazer and Pharaoh decided to try and stroll right inside holding a conversation about a mythical product while Corn waited in the car. The guard in question didn’t seem to pay two people this late at night discussing business, and didn’t stop them from riding the elevator up to the second floor. Following the suites to Neil’s office, Pharaoh started to pull out the tools to disable the MagLock only to have a wandering security guard turn the corner. Concealing the tools and continuing to play their parts, the guard wandered by and took the elevator to another floor. Pharaoh quickly popped the lock and the two slipped inside the office.

Neil’s office was fairly small. The main room was taken up by two tables and a desk that were covered in partially built hardware. Different devices of all sorts seemed to be Neil’s forte. Two doors led off from the main room, both opening quickly to Pharaoh’s autopicker revealing a storage room and a main office. Pharaoh started to look through the office as Tazer searched the main room. Tazer was the one to find a device attached to a wall with a distressing countdown. Someone had been there before them and left a present with less than 20 minutes left on it. Quickly calling out for Pharaoh, the duo realized that the only member with demolitions training was waiting out in the car. Corn, after breaking out his demolitions kit, headed inside playing the part of the after hours, on call maintenance worker. Complaining all the way past the guard and up the elevator to where the other team members stood staring at the bomb. Quickly getting to work, Corn was able to defuse the device and immediately threw it into his pocket. Hey, free explosives. Coming up empty on their search, Tazer and Pharaoh were going to leave first while Corn waited until they were at the car. The duo was momentarily surprised by a single person who got off on the second floor with just a “Oh, excuse me.” before heading down the path to Neil’s lab. Corn’s augmented hearing picked up the individual coming closer, but then to pass right by and head into another room. Corn waited a few moments before heading out as well with his new toy under his jacket.

The team’s next stop was to Vanian’s store, located right on the edge of the Redmond Barrens. A small, maintained place which has the moniker of ‘Touristville’. Basically a place where the good citizens of Seattle could see the ‘wild and lawless’ portion of the city, while still protected by law enforcement with heavy weaponry to keep the real Barrens experience at bay. Pulling up in front of the dark building, Pharaoh sent out his flying drone to scope out the area, while Corn went around the back to check for dumpsters. Finding a heavily secured door guarding Vanian’s shop from any alley occupants, Corn re-joined the team after deciding against dumpster diving in a community trash bin with assorted sex stores making up the bulk of shops in the area. Checking the front door, wary of any possible traps as the bomb from the lab was still fresh in their mind. Their careful progress was rewarded in that they didn’t find any explosives, but instead a pawn shop with two killed employees and quite a mess from the previous people who obviously searched the place. As Tazer and Pharaoh spent their time searching for anything of note, Corn used the opportunity to load up on all the valuable items now left unsecured, including a custom pistol that looked like it was carved from a single piece of obsidian, resting inside a wooden box with a strange Japanese symbol engraved on it that no one could identify. Tazer made the lucky find of a physical letter addressed to Vanian listing a different address than the shop, likely a home address. While taking the goods out to the car, both Corn and Pharaoh (Via his flying drone) noticed a group of five men walking down the street. Four of whom were wearing long coats large enough to conceal assault rifles, while the one in the lead looked rather nicely dressed in custom made clothes. While the group of five approached at an unhurried pace, the team bolted back inside and made preparations to defend themselves. The four trenchcoat wearers spread out around the entrance of Vanian’s building while the well dressed man ducked under the display window (Just to be safe) and called into the open shop “Anyone willing to talk?”

Slightly taken aback by the development, Pharaoh decided to be the spokesperson and stepped out into the open to parley after the well dressed man showed his hands were empty of any sort of weapon. Corn stayed back in the dark to cover Pharaoh in case the communications went sideways. The man introduced himself as Steve and said that he was looking for Vanian, as well as trying to probe for as much information as he could from Pharaoh. Realizing that Pharaoh was apparently a Shadowrunner; Steve gave a slightly dejected sigh, stating that they were likely on the same run. Offering a bit of a compromise in that they meet at another location and they might be able to share any sort of info tomorrow at a Goth club whose name I made up on the spot and can’t remember now. When Pharaoh accepted, Steve and his men took off, walking at the same unhurried pace as before. Once clear, the team piled into the vehicle and took off quickly.

Vanian’s home was an apartment within Touristville, and actually quite nice by any standard in Redmond. The fake marble flooring was in good shape, the doors seemed to be on their hinges, and Tazer’s polite knock at Vanian’s door was answered by only a single high caliber bullet that gave her a bit of a bruise. Vanian screamed through the increasingly bullet ridden door that no one was going to kill him, that he had seen what happened at his store and nothing was going to get him. Firing his pistol every so often as to keep anyone from getting him, unaware that Corn had already identified what type of gun he was using from the report, and counting how many bullets he had left. With two left in the magazine, Tazer finally seemed to talk Vanian down enough to get some information out of him. Two weeks back a ganger wandered into his shop and sold him a cybereye without knowing how much they generally went for, so Vanian bought it for a song. Hooking it up to a commlink, he had found an image of what looked like an optical blueprint and sent it to Neil to see if he could figure out what it was. Then after Neil was killed, his shop got raided while he watched from his home as the shop’s security sent the images to his commlink before Vanian severed the link. Tazer asked if he still had the Cybereye and Vanian was more than happy to get rid of it, before packing some goods in a pillowcase and telling the team to leave so he could escape without anyone following him.

Pharaoh took the eye and was able to find a handful of other images inside the memory, not enough for the full blueprint, but enough to identify the flaw in the chip design, but not enough to replicate it in full. The other images were just too corrupted. Finding a serial number, he then tried to contact the manufacturer and see if he could find the name of the original owner via tech support and came up with one “Griffin Moore” of Multitech. Checking that lead, he found an obituary for Griffin Moore who had apparently been killed in an automobile accident three and a half weeks ago and interned at the Hammond Necroplex where his body was supposedly cremated. Unlikely due to the cybereye in their possession looks like it was pried out with a knife instead of professionally removed. One final bit of legwork in investigating the Hammond Necroplex discovered that three weeks back they apparently suffered a natural gas explosion that killed thirteen employees, but the shadow community had discovered that the thirteen killed were on four different floors of the building. Sending a note to the Lone Star woman who offered them the bribe to stay out of Renton for 60 days, asking to see the accident report of Griffin’s death was where we wrapped up for the night. Leaving the team with a few different leads to follow up as we start the next session.


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